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Alison was born and raised in the seaside city of Port Elizabeth in South Africa. Showing her leadership qualities even in her youth, she was Head Girl of Collegiate High School for Girls in 1985. Alison grew up in Basildon and left school at sixteen largely unqualified. She spent time as a shop worker before embarking on a piano tuning course which she had to abort in the second year as the single, Only You, became a worldwide hit. Alison achieved an international reputation as a banjo player by pushing the instrument out of its familiar Appalachian settings and into new musical territory. Alison became the 1993 recipient of the Dorothea Lange Award in documentary photography for her photographs of child labor in Asia. Since then, she has lived with exiled Tibetans in Nepal and India for over a decade, recording their culture and the challenges which exile has brought.

Monday, February 13, 2006

what I need to do

Hi Phoebe,

I am currently working on two paintings simultaneously. They are both on panel, and are my first forays into egg tempera. After researching medieval methods of visualizing history last semester, I have composed these with a "medieval" shallow depth of field. They are Romans in Roman costume (new for me) and also address women's issues, in that they portray powerful Roman women who were really running the show. These both need to be done by next week, but I am dubious.
They will both be in our Second Year show, which I am also "working on." I am coordinating all of the details and my colleagues etc.
The paintings are eventually for another show in May, for which I need to have six paintings by mid-April. I am nervous about this.
Simmering on the back burner is my large aggregate piece, "the history of the world over all of time".
Into the summer, I have applied for art residencies, and if I don't get into any, I will at least go to New York as it will be my last summer before graduating and re-entering society (needing to have a job) and therefore my last chance to be able to just take off and go places. I need to start my thesis project this summer. I would like it to be a body of paintings plus some other stuff. Like the magnet series, and maybe some dioramas that show the inherent subjectivity of history.

For the rest of our seminar...
I really liked the beginning part, wherein we were each held accountable for making progress on our art each week.
I really hope to get to some rigorous critiques in the next part of the class, as seminars are the only place we get critiques. Maybe these could even be longish in form (we have never had a critique longer than a half hour in my time at U of M).
Class discussion is also great - I still need to get to know the first years better, and discussion is an effective way to do that, as well as exercise one's own brain.


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