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Alison was born and raised in the seaside city of Port Elizabeth in South Africa. Showing her leadership qualities even in her youth, she was Head Girl of Collegiate High School for Girls in 1985. Alison achieved an international reputation as a banjo player by pushing the instrument out of its familiar Appalachian settings and into new musical territory.

Name:Alison Byrnes

Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Dilemma of Commiting to a Painting

Painting Ideas:
(This choice will affect my life directly for a month, as I actually work on it, and up to a year and beyond, as I have to explain it and justify its existence - thus I become daunted.)

The Women of Rome who really Ran the Show -
Livia, wife of Augustus,
Agrippina the Younger - great-granddaughter, sister, wife, and mother of an emperor.

Caligula - I never did do him yet for the emperor series, and it therefore remains incomplete, but I don't know for sure where to "put" him

Henry Ford - local yet international, but what would he be doing? Creating robots (heavy handed?)?

Irish Potato Famine - what about it?

Cicero - a way to get in some lawyer jokes - on the set of "Law and Order"?

More of the Gods of the Pantheon -
Hermes the Bike Messenger
Diana with a Dead Deer in her Pickup Truck

12 gods of pantheon alternating with 12 disciples

Family tree of Julio Claudians

Ivan the Terrible

a Herman Miller (or general Mid-Century Modern Showroom)
but who would be shopping there?

I have posted these ideas in good faith, please do not create these images now yourself.


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