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St. Ingace, Michigan

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Fall 1962 - St. Ignace, Michigan

  • Susan: Nancy: 11 Years Old, Going into 6th Grade
  • Joni: 5 Years Old, Kindergarten

From Mom's Memory Bank--As Reported by Joni:

"The logging and totem pole pictures were taken in St. Ignace, Michigan. Mom couldn't remember the town's name, but after we looked at the map of Michigan on your Sleeping Bear Dunes Web page [map], she remembered the town as soon as she saw it in print."

"After we were done viewing the pictures, Mom got up to go to her room and as she was walking out the door, her parting words were about the St. Ignace visit...'Dad took a picture of you with an Indian.' So not only does Mom remember the pictures you show on your site, but she also remembers pictures that AREN'T on your site."

Joni 5 and Dad, St. Ignace Michigan, 1962, No. 046
Joni and Dad

Joni  5, 1962, No. 046

Nancy, 11, 1962, No. 046

Station Wagon, 1962, No. 049
Our New 9-Passenger Ford Galaxy Station Wagon
The car was quite a switch from our 1957 Ford that we took to California.

Joni 5, 1962, No. 050

Joni 5 and Mom, 1962, No. 051
Joni and Mom

Joni and Mom, 1962, No. 052
Joni and Mom

Nancy 11 and Joni 5,  1962, No. 053
Me and Joni
Too bad I don't have a picture of my Dad holding down the other side while he took this picture.

Dad and Joni 5, 1962, No. 054
Dad and Joni

Mom and Joni 5, 1962, No. 055
Mom and Joni

Joni 5, 1962, No. 056
(Lightened with Fill Flash.)

Mom and Joni 5, 1962, No. 057
Mom and Joni

Joni 5, 1962, No. 058

Joni 5, Front Yard, No. 062
Joni, Our Front Yard
Maybe she was was going to a birthday party?


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