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Brown County, Indiana

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Fall 1962

  • Nancy: 11 Years Old, 6th Grade
  • Joni: 5 Years Old, Kindergarten

From Mom's Memory Bank --As Reported by Joni:

"The pictures starting with the horse and me was a sorghum mill in Brown County Indiana. We would go there in the fall sometimes to see the leaves and go to the little art colony, Nashville. Nashville is the sight where you see the buildings. Mom and Dad bought two paintings there at separate times. One was the watercolor of the barn Mom had hanging over the couch on Madoline and then hanging in the dining room on Buford Commons. The other painting was the oil painting of the children swinging around a pole in a school yard. This is the one that Dad had in is you have it...and the one Susan thinks she should have because she is a teacher...and the one you say she can have over your dead body."

"The picture of me in that same series in front of a bunch of whitish rocks is a limestone quarry (I remembered that one). Most government buildings in Indiana are built of 'Indiana Limestone'. (I remembered that one too.)"

"The old little building with the bars in the window is an old jail house. Dad said that it's where they put the moonshiners. No, he never said that but it sounded good when writing's something he probably would have said anyway."

"My hair cut...It's bad enough that I look like an albino but could my bangs GET any shorter? Mom said that the haircut was called a 'Pixie'."

Joni 5, Brown County Indiana, 1962, No. 036
Joni, Horse Grinding Sorghum

Joni 5 and Nancy 11 , Brown County Indiana, 1962, No. 037
Joni and Nancy, Old Log Jail

Joni , Brown County Indiana, 1962, No. 040
Joni, Limestone Quarry

I can just hear my Dad saying, "Joni, go pick up a rock."

Nancy 11 and Mo m, Brown County Indiana, 1962, No. 041
Me and Mom
This really shows how tall I'm getting--I'm only 11 years old and my Mom is 5'8".

Nancy 11, Brown County Indiana, 1962, No. 042
My Mom always said that I had good posture.

Joni 5, Brown County Indiana, 1962, No. 043
Joni is seen running on the right.

Joni 5, Nancy 11, and Mom; Brown County Indiana, 1962, No. 044
Joni, Me, and Mom
I can still remember my Mom's pretty sweater,
which had a pattern of fall leaves on a soft, knitted cream-colored background.

Joni 5, Country Road, 1962, No. 045
Joni, Take Me Home Country Road
Alan thinks she looks like a Catholic school girl.


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