Obstfeld, Maurice 1
Romer, David 2
Bardhan, Pranab 3
Harrison, Ann E. 4

Muendler, Marc-Andreas

Ph.D. 2002  Berkeley
Location (2022): UCSD
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Blalock, Garrick
Cheng, Leonard
Cyrus, Teresa L.
Das, Satya P.
di Giovanni, Julian
Fisher, Eric O.
Ghironi, Fabio
Goswami, Sanjana
Hellerstein, Rebecca
Johnson, Robert C.
Lapan, Harvey
Nataraj, Shanthi
Rodriguez-Lopez, Antonio
Stein, Ernesto Hugo
Taylor, Alan M.
Verhoogen, Eric
Wei, Shang-Jin
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Buzard, Kristy
Flach, Lisandra
Heilmann, Kilian
Molina Rodriguez, Danielken
Poole, Jennifer P.

Muendler, Marc-Andreas
Thesis: "Essays on International Trade, Growth and Finance"
  1Obstfeld: "My main advisor at Berkeley was Maurice Obstfeld."
  2Romer: "David Romer was a co-advisor, who has a trade paper on trade and growth with Frankel."
  3Bardhan: "At Berkeley, I also interacted quite a bit with Pranab Bardhan, from whom I learnt trade in the graduate sequence and whose development oriented trade work inspired much of my research agenda."
  4Harrison: "Her research agenda and mine still overlap in many ways."