Kaempfer, William H.
Maskus, Keith E.
Markusen, James R. 1
Rutherford, Thomas F. 2

Balistreri, Edward J.

Ph.D. 1995  Colorado
Location (2018): Iowa State
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Amiti, Mary
Blyde, Juan S.
Bohara, Alok K.
Caron, Justin
Chen, Maggie Xiaoyang
Chen, Po-Lu
Copeland, Brian R.
Ganslandt, Mattias
Haller, Stefanie
Horstman, Ignatius
Ishikawa, Jota
Kellenberg, Derek K.
Konan, Denise Eby
Li, Changying
McDaniel, Christine A.
Nishioka, Shuichiro
Olney, William
Raff, Horst
Ryan, Cillian
Taylor, M. Scott
Turdyeva, Natalia
Whang, Un Jung
Wigle, Randy
Yang, Lynn (Guifang)
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Balistreri, Edward J.
Thesis: "Preference Revelation and the Endogenous Trade Policy Model: Empirical and Experimental Evidence for Stolper-Samuelson Welfare Effects
  1Markusen: "Although he was not on my committee, Jim was instrumental in teaching me microeconomic theory at the University of Colorado"
  2Rutherford: "Introduced me to a wide array of computation tools, which I apply on an almost daily basis"