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Haberler, Gottfried
Johnson, Harry G.
Mundell, Robert A.
Officer, Lawrence H.
Sohmen, Egon
Triffin, Robert
Willett, Thomas D.
DeVoretz, Don
Dunning, John 1
Grubel, Herbert 2
Tower, Edward 3

Pomfret, Richard

Ph.D. 1974  Simon Fraser
Location (2018): Adelaide

Pomfret, Richard
Thesis: "The Introduction 0f the Mechanical Reaper in Canada, 1850-70; A Case Study in the Diffusion of Embodied Technical Change"
  1Dunning: "My first-year undergrad Economics teacher at Reading (UK)"
  2Grubel: "An influential teacher when I was a grad student at Simon Fraser."
  3Tower: "Influential in directing me into trade at grad school."