Bagwell, Kyle
Bhagwati, Jagdish N. 1
Davis, Donald R. 2
Venables, Anthony 3

Limão, Nuno

Ph.D. 2001  Columbia
Location (2014): Maryland
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Beaulieu, Eugene C.
Behar, Alberto
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Wooton, Ian
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Limão, Nuno
Thesis: "The Strategic Use of Trade Policy for Non-trade Purposes in Multilateral and Regional Agreements"
  1Bhagwati: "His trade policy class, which I took at Columbia, and his work provided the initial impetus for my dissertation topic."
  2Davis: "I learned a great deal from Don's topics' class on economic geography [and his] weekly thesis seminar for trade students."
  3Venables: "It was after his class on European economic integration, which I took as an undergraduate at the LSE, that I decided to focus on international trade and trade policy."