Rothschild, Michael
Brock, William
Baldwin, Robert E. 1

Davidson, Carl

Ph.D. 1982  Wisconsin
Location (2020): Michigan State
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Anderson, James E.
Aw, Bee Yan
Baldwin, Richard E.
Bergstrand, Jeffrey
Blanchard, Emily J.
Bown, Chad P.
Burgess, David F.
Fung, K. C.
Furusawa, Taiji
Kimura, Fukunari
Magee, Christopher S. P.
Matschke, Xenia
McDonald, Bradley J.
Moore, Michael O.
Mutti, John
Smith, Pamela J.
Tybout, James
van den Berg, Hendrik
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Francis, John
Silva, Joana

Davidson, Carl
Thesis: "Essays in Economic Theory"
  1Baldwin: "I learned all of my trade theory from Bob Baldwin...wanted to write a thesis about trade and the labor market...Baldwin told me that I would have to include an empirical chapter if I wrote for him (not my strong suit..."