Leamer, Edward E.
Pearce, Ivor F. 1

Bowen, Harry P.

Ph.D. 1980  UCLA
Location (2014): Queens U Charlotte
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Blum, Bernardo S.
Claro, Sebastian
Gawande, Kishore S.
Harrigan, James
Harrison, Glenn W.
Lopez, Ricardo A.
Schott, Peter K.
Schweinberger, Albert
Trefler, Daniel
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Bowen, Harry P.
Thesis: "Resources, Technology and Dynamic Comparative Advantage: A Cross-Country Analysis of the Product Cycle Theory of International Trade"
  1Pearce: "A teacher of mine when I was an undergraduate econ major at UCSD. He was visiting UC San Diego in the 1970s and taught a trade course. He was a big influence on my interest to go into International Economics."