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Anderson, James E.
Bliss, Christopher
Corden, W. Max
Cragg, John
Diewert, W. Erwin
Kindleberger, Charles P.
Lipsey, Richard
Mirrlees, James
Samuelson, Paul A.
Solow, Robert M.
Stern, Nicholas
Woodland, Alan
Harris, Richard G.
Neary, J. Peter 1
Markusen, James R. 2
Jones, Ronald W.

Taylor, M. Scott

Ph.D. 1991  Queen's
Location (2018): Calgary

Taylor, M. Scott
Thesis: "Three Essays on the International Diffusion of Technology"
  1Neary: "Taught me trade and deserves (any) credit for me doing what I do."
  2Markusen: "Jim Markusen and Ron Jones also visited during my time there and I sat in on their classes as well."