Review of Wisdom, Jesus & Psychotherapy

In the mid-1980's in anticipation of the fervor, fanaticism, and legitimate spiritual inquiry that presages the turn of a century and the end of a millennium, Dr. David Klimek was commissioned to write a comprehensive book on the intracate workings of the human psyche, spirituality, and the process of psychospiritual transformation. The result of this request was a search into nearly 20,000 years of man's attempt to rise above the pain, shallowness, loneliness, anger, anxieties and other imbalances that beset mankind. Integrating the essence of world mythology, ancient cave art, worship of ancient cave bears, the Epic of Gilgamesh, the tenets of the world's great religions, the personality and parables of Jesus, and the principles of psychoanalysis, Dr. Klimek has isolated and clarified many of the basic principles of spiritual abundance.

In these contemporary times of dubious healers, irresponsible practitioners, quick fixes, false promises, and shallow solutions, the material contained in Wisdom Jesus & Psychotherapy (WJ&P) is a much needed return to thoughtfulness, humility, complexity and sensitivity, all of which accompany honest-to-goodness reflection and soul searching. There are unparalleled pearls of wisdom and truth in this volume for the individual who is willing to expend the effort and prayerfully search.

Throughout this volume Dr. Klimek displays the utmost respect for individual religious convictions and one's freedom of choice. There is no attempt to sway the reader toward a particular way of believing, nor is there an attempt to "save souls," or to sanctimoniously imply that the beliefs of others are wrong. Instead, this is a scholarly work that uncovers the essence of many of the world's mythologies and religions. WJ&P succeeds in uncovering the commonality of spiritual wisdom and lends clarity to the often misunderstood and sometimes "incomprehensible" parables of Jesus. Some readers who have thought of the parables of the New Testament as "mumble jumble or double talk" will be impressed by the integrative clarity of this book. Several chapters have been devoted to a word by word, sentence by sentence, and theme by theme analysis of the symbolic or hidden meaning of Jesus' messages as they were spoken in the book of Matthew.

This type of symbolic analysis, although sometimes difficult to follow and often upsetting for those who adhere to a literal interpretation of the scriptures or sacred writings, will shed new light on old impressions. Despite the experience of becoming upset when one's biases are questioned, WJ&P can be a welcome breath of fresh air to those who are skeptical, feel spiritually jaded, cynical, empty, or have been hurt or turned off by organized religion...yet hunger for deeper spiritual journey.

Regardless of how "perfect or pathological" one's parents were, or are, WJ&P shows how each of us at particular times throughout life can become vulnerable to emotionally frustrating and traumatic situations (often at the hand of loved ones) that cause developmental arrests and hardness of heart. Utilizing the existing knowledge of psychospiritual arrest, WJ&P insolates the primordial spiritual principles which have released the human spirit from the pain and bondage of psychospiritual imbalance. Wisdom Jesus & Psychotherapy will be invaluable in its ability to help the reader acquire a "sense" of the attitudes, feelings, and spiritual aura of what living is like for the spiritually oriented individual who has been profoundly transformed.

Many helpful surprises are in store for the contemplative reader who is able to understand this volume. Nearly all professionals whether they are physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, clergy, nurses, or teachers will be intrigued by how readily the universal wisdom of world religions, mythology, and the parables of Jesus apply to optimal psychospiritual development.

As there are unseen medical and biological principles which govern the health of the body, so are there universal principles which regulate the psyche. Another reward the reader can expect from studying WJ&P is the exposure to the healthy, loving, and self-actualized heart of Jesus of Nazareth. Through the understanding of the of most worshipped, most admired person who ever lived, an exquisite model of healing, compassion, love, empathy, and psychospiritual abundance will become evident. This in-depth analysis of the thinking, personality, and hidden meaning of the teachings of Jesus provides an exemplary model of perfected humanity...humanity at its highest level of psychospiritual maturation.

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