Amy and Ray Ramsey with JoAnne, 1937
Amy Sjostrom, about age 3
Amy, Anna, Cathy, Florence
Amy, Ebba, Harold Sjostrom
Anna and Harold Sjostrom
Anna and Isidor Sjostrom
Anna and Isidor's Anniversary
Anna and Isidor's Wedding Photo
Anna, Isidor, Amy, Ebba, Harold
Elbert Briggs and Florence Sjostrom
Family Gathering, St. Paul, Minn., about 1919
Florence and Amy Sjostrom
Folke (Sjostrom) Thorén, Isidor's Swedish Son
Harold and Amy Sjostrom
Harold and Lucille Sjostrom
Harold's Family with Ethel
Isidor and His Parents
Isidor as a Young Man, in Hattsjo, Sweden
Jo's Family, First 5 of 7
JoAnne and Pat Ramsey
JoAnne and Pat
Johan and Nanna, Anna Sjostrom's Brother
Keith and Ruth Ann, Harold and Lucille's Children
Margaret Ramsey, Raymond's Mother
Maria Magdalena and Nils Oskar Sjostrom, Anna's Parents
Pat Ramsey, about 3
Pat's Parents - Amy and Ray Ramsey
Pat and Alan's Family
Raymond and Pat Ramsey
Raymond Ramsey with Mother and Siblings
Sjostrom's Store
Family Homestead, Flyggsjö, Sweden
The Homestead in Flyggsjö - II
The Homestead in Flyggsjö - III