Balassa index of revealed comparative advantage
Baltic Dry index of shipping charges
Barro misery index of macroeconomic misfortune
Big Mac Index of PPP
Chinn-Ito index of capital-account openness
Competitiveness index of country competitiveness
Consumer price index of retail prices
Deardorff-Dixit-Norman index of comparative advantage
Export price index
Export quantity index
Finger-Kreinin index of export similarity
Global Competitiveness index country competitiveness
Grubel-Lloyd index of intra-industry trade
Head-Ries index of trade costs between countries
Headcount index of poverty
Herfindahl index of industry concentration
Human development index of human well-being
Implicit price deflator of economy-wide prices
Import price index
Import quantity index
Index of sustainable economic welfare
Krugman specialization index of production patterns compared
Lafay index of revealed comparative advantage
Meade index of gains from trade
Misery index of macroeconomic misfortune
Open Markets Index ranking of trade openness
Openness index of openness to trade
Price index of average price changes
Quantity index of average quantity changes
Specialization index of production patterns compared
Trade complementarity index of potential trade by country pairs
Trade concentration index of reliance on few exporters
Trade intensity index of bloc trade relative to world
Trade Restrictiveness Index of tariffs and NTBs