Named for Places

Aichi Targets Aichi precinct, Nagoya, Japan
Annecy Round Annecy, France
Bali Ministerial, Package Bali, Indonesia
Bandung Conference Bandung, Indonesia
Barcelona Process Barcelona, Spain
Basel I, II, III, etc. Basel, Switzerland
Beijing Consensus Beijing, China
Berne Convention Berne, Switzerland
Blair House Accord Blair House, Washington, DC, USA
Bogor Goals Bogor, Indonesia
Bretton Woods Institutions Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, USA
Brussels Effect Brussels, Belgium
Brussels Tariff Nomenclature Brussels, Belgium
Cairns Group Cairns, Australia
California effect California, USA
Cancún Ministerial Cancún, Mexico
Cartagena Agreement, Protocol Cartagena, Colombia
Chiang Mai Initiative Chiang Mai, Thailand
Copenhagen Consensus Center Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen criteria Copenhagen, Denmark
Cotonou Agreement Cotonou, Benin
Davos Davos, Switzerland
Doha Declaration, Ministerial, Round Doha, Qatar
Dublin Regulation Dublin, Ireland
Geneva Ministerial, Round Geneva, Switzerland
Havana Charter Havana, Cuba
Hong Kong Ministerial Hong Kong, China
Iowa Idea Iowa, United States
Japanification Japan
Kigali Amendment Kigali, Rwanda
Kimberly Process Kimberly, South Africa
Kyoto Convention Kyoto, Japan
Kyoto Protocol Kyoto, Japan
Lisbon Treaty Lisbon, Portugal
Lomé Convention Lomé, Togo
London Debt Agreement London, United Kingdom
London interbank offered rate London, United Kingdom
Louvre Accord Louvre Museum, Paris, France
Maastricht Treaty, criteria Maastricht, Netherlands
Madrid agreement Madrid, Spain
Marrakesh Ministerial, Protocol Marrakesh, Morroco
Nur-Sultan Ministerial Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan
Ottawa Agreements, Group Ottawa, ON, Canada
Panama Papers Panama
Paris Agreement Paris, France
Paris Club Paris, France
Paris Convention Paris, France
Plaza Accord Plaza Hotel, New York, NY, USA
Prespa Agreement Lake Prespa, North Macedonia
Rome Convention Rome, Italy
Rotterdam Rules Rotterdam, Netherlands
Santiago Principles Santiago, Chile
São Paulo Consensus São Paulo, Brazil
Schengen Agreement, Area Schengen, Luxembourg
Seattle Ministerial Seattle, Washington, USA
Singapore Convention, issues, Ministerial Singapore
Stockholm China Forum Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm Consensus, Statement Stockholm, Sweden
Tilsit treaty Tilsit (now Sovetsk), Russia
Tokyo Round, Round Codes Tokyo, Japan
Torquay Round Torquay, United Kingdom
Treaty of Rome Rome, Italy
Treaty of Utrecht Utrecht, Netherlands
Treaty of Westphalia Westphalia, Germany
Wassenaar Arrangement Wassenaar, Netherlands
Yaoundé Convention Yaoundé, Cameroon