GATT Articles*

1Article I General Most-Favoured-Nation Treatment
2Article II Schedules of Concessions
3Article III National treatment on Internal Taxation and Regulation
4Article IV Special Provisions relating to Cinematograph Films
5Article V Freedom of Transit
6Article VI Anti-dumping and Countervailing Duties [Superseded by later agreements]
7Article VII Valuation for Customs Purposes [Superseded by later agreement]
8Article VIII Fees and Formalities connected with Importation and Exportation
9Article IX Marks of Origin
10Article X Publication and Administration of Trade Regulations
11Article XI General Elimination of Quantitative Restrictions
12Article XII Restrictions to Safeguard the Balance of Payments
13Article XIII Non-discriminatory Administration of Quantitative Restrictions
14Article XIV Exceptions to the rule of Non-discrimination
15Article XV Exchange Arrangements
16Article XVI Subsidies
17Article XVII State Trading Enterprises
18Article XVIII Governmental Assistance to Economic Development [Includes exception for infant industries]
19Article XIX Emergency Action on Imports of Particular Products [Safeguards]
20Article XX General Exceptions [Non-economic objectives (health, safety)]
21Article XXI Security Exceptions [National defense]
22Article XXII Consultation
23Article XXIII Nullification of Impairment [Dispute settlement]
24Article XXIV Territorial Application, Frontier Traffic, Customs Unions and Free-trade Areas
25Article XXV Joint Action by the Contracting Parties
26Article XXVI Acceptance, Entry into Force, and Registration
27Article XXVII Withholding or Withdrawal of Concessions
28Article XXVIII Modification of Schedules; Tariff Negotiations
29Article XXIX The Relation of this Agreement to the Havana Charter
30Article XXX Amendments
31Article XXXI Withdrawal
32Article XXXII Contracting Parties
33Article XXXIII Accession

*These titles are taken from the Text of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, dated 1986 but referred to in the Final Act of the Uruguay Round Negotiations as GATT 1947.