Country Rankings

Basil Institute on Governance
     Money laundering     Ranking
     Healthiest Country Index     Ranking
Boston Consulting Group
     SEDA (Well-being)     Ranking
     e-Friction Index     Ranking
Charities Aid Foundation<
     World Giving Index     Ranking
CIA World Factbook
     Current account balance     Ranking
     Exports     Ranking
     FDI, Inward     Ranking
     FDI, Outward     Ranking
     GDP (at PPP)     Ranking
     GDP per capita     Ranking
     Imports     Ranking
     Reserves     Ranking
     Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index     Ranking
     Crony-capitalism index     Ranking
     Glass ceiling index     Ranking
Economist Intelligence Unit
     Democracy index     Ranking
Freedom House
     Freedom in the World     Ranking
Fund for Peace
     Fragile States Index     Ranking
Good Country, The (Simon Anholt)
     Good Country Index     Ranking
Heritage Foundation
     Economic Freedom Index     Ranking
Integrated Food Security Phase Classification
     Food Insecurity     Ranking
International Chamber of Commerce
     Open Markets Index     Ranking
International Trade Union Confederation
     Global Rights Index     Ranking
KOF Swiss Economic Institute
     Globalisation Index     Ranking
Legatum Institute
     Prosperity Index     Ranking
Mo Ibrahim Foundation
     Ibrahim Index of African Governance     Ranking
Natural Resource Governance Institute
     Resource Governance Index     Ranking
Observatory of Economic Complexity
     Economic Complexity Ranking     Ranking
     Better Life Index     Ranking
     FDI Regulatory Restrictiveness Index     Ranking
     Official Development Assistance     Ranking
     PISA (Education)     Ranking 2012
     Soft Power 30     Ranking
Property Rights Alliance
     International Property Rights Index     Ranking
Reporters without Borders
     World Press Freedom Index     Ranking
Social Progress Imperative
     Social Progress Index     Ranking
Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute
     Sovereign Wealth Funds     Ranking
Tax Justice Network
     Financial Secrecy Index     Ranking
Transparency International
     Corruption Perceptions Index     Ranking
U. S. News
     Best Countries     Ranking
     Entrepreneurship     Ranking
     Open for Business     Ranking
     Commodity Dependence     Ranking (PDF)
     Human Development Index     Ranking
United Nations
     World Happiness Report     Ranking
     National Higher Education Systems     Ranking
World Bank
     Doing Business     Ranking
     GDP     Ranking
     Governance     Ranking
World Economic Forum
     Global Competitiveness Index     Ranking
     Labor market efficiency     Ranking
     Network Readiness Index     Ranking
     Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index     Ranking
World Justice Project
     Rule of Law Index     Ranking