Deardorff's Glossary of International Economics


As usual I have benefited from talking with a long list of people about this project, starting with my colleagues Bob Stern, Jim Levinsohn, and Gordon Hanson. Others who have answered questions or made suggestions include, alphabetically, Jagdish Bhagwati, Patrick Conway, Mike Finger, Keith Head, Doug Irwin, John Jackson, Paul Krugman, Jay Levin, Steve Magee, Keith Maskus, Rachel McCulloch, Mitsuaki Shindo, Charles van Marrewijk, .... I expect that this list will continue to grow as the glossary does. I also could never have done this -- or much of anything else on the web -- without the help from my son, Ryan Deardorff, who many times has told me how to do something that had me stumped. My wife Pat has helped to, mainly in helping me to improve the look of the thing.

I have also taken full advantage of several other glossaries that are available. There are several on the web, including a surprising number dedicated to international trade apparently intended for those who actually do it, rather than only studying and teaching about it. Click here for a list of them, with links, that now appears on my homepage.

I have also consulted glossaries that appear in several textbooks, which are included in the list below. Finally, I have consulted many textbooks and other sources, many of which are also listed below.


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