Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy
Department of Economics

PubPol/Econ 541

Fall 2020, Alan Deardorff
TTh 8:30 AM Zoom

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PURPOSE: The aim of this course is to teach you a lot about the economics -- and a little about the institutions -- of international trade and trade policy. The course is companion to SPP 542, International Finance Policy, which deals with international macroeconomic topics such as the balance of trade and balance of payments, determination of exchange rates, and international macroeconomic policies. Each course also includes some bare essentials of the other course so that if you take only one of them, you won't be lost in the world economy.

The course is mainly about trade policy. You will learn what trade policies are, how they are used by the United States and other countries, and how their use is restricted by international agreements. More importantly you will learn how to use economic modeling to understand the effects of trade policies and to quantify these effects. Along the way you will also learn about the institutions of the world economy, especially those that have to do with trade. And you will learn a little bit about the economic theories of why nations trade, why economists argue that gain from trade, and why there are also losers from trade.

Prerequisite: PubPol/Econ 555 or equivalent course in intermediate microeconomics
Organization: The course meets twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8:30-9:50 AM, online via Zoom.






Problem Sets   0%
Papers 45% (15% for each of three papers)
Quizzes 40% (4% for each of your top ten)
Class participation 15%

Quizzes Due every Friday 11:59 PM
Paper #1 Thursday, October 8 8:30 AM
Paper #2 Thursday, November 12 8:30 AM
Paper #3 Tuesday, December 8 8:30 AM




NOTES: 1. Click title for citation; click Online for item if it is on the web; click Canvas for the items not on the web.
2. Copies of all readings other than from the KOM textbook are also available in Canvas.
3. All readings are required unless marked "Optional to Read," but a few required readings are marked with a tilde, ~. These represent views that are not necessarily justified by economic analysis. They often contain useful factual information, but I disagree with some of their interpretations, and they are here so that you will be aware of a range of views.

0. Introduction to the Course (Class 0: Sep 1)
No readings for today. For all subsequent classes, you should read everything assigned before the class meets.
I've listed the numbers of pages for each reading and for each topic, so plan accordingly.
Today: I will introduce myself and ask each of you to introduce yourselves, so plan to turn on your microphone and camera. Tell the class:
  • Who you are,
  • What you want to be called,
  • What program and year you are in,
  • Where you are from, and
  • Any particular questions or answers you have about international economics.
Following that I will present some background information about the international economy and trade.
      Optional to View:
           Kudlow, "Don't blame Trump' for trade fights" YouTube (2:14)
           Oliver, "Trade" YouTube (21:13)
I. Overview of the International Economy
A.1. The State of Play in International Trade and Trade Policy I: Trade Wars (Class 1: Sep 3) [50 pp + Opt 24] Questions
Bown & Kolb, "Trade War Timeline" | Online. [15 pp]
Williams & Hammond, "Escalating U.S. Tariffs: Timeline" | Online. [5 pp]
Williams & Hammond, "Escalating U.S. Tariffs: Affected Trade" | Online. [5 pp]
Section 232:
Mildner & Ross, "'American Cars First' – Uncertainty about Car Tariffs Persists" | Online. [3 pp]
Palmer, "Supreme Court gives Trump a win on his steel tariffs" | Online. [3 pp]
Will, "Tariff Man punishes the Canadian bullies" | Canvas. [2 pp]
      Optional to Read:
            Bown, "Trump's steel and aluminum tariffs are cascading out of control" | Online. [7 pp]
      Optional to View:
            Trade Talks #24, "The Trump Administration Views Trade as National Security Threat" 2/21/18 | Podcast [35:32 minutes]
            Trade Talks #40, "Steel and Aluminum Tariffs: Trump versus Everyone" 6/2/18 | Podcast [19:22 minutes]
            Trade Talks #87, "Trump Shifts His National Security Threats (Again)" 2/20/19 | Podcast [21:58 minutes]
Intellectual Property:
Trump, "Addressing China's Laws, Policies, Practices, and Actions" | Online. [1 pp]
      Optional to Read:
            Hall and Tan, "William Barr thinks China is stealing American technology." | Canvas. [3 pp]
      Optional to View:
            Trade Talks #33, "Trade and Investment Talks: China Wants America's Technology" 4/13/18 | Podcast [17:35 minutes]
China Tariffs:
BBC, "A quick guide to the US-China trade war" | Online. [4 pp]
Deardorff, "Links to Trade-War Trade News" | Online. [6 pp]
Swanson & Bradsher, "American and Chinese Officials Take Pulse on Trade Deal, Six Months In" | Canvas. [2 pp]
      Optional to Read:
            Palumbo & da Costa, "Trade war: US-China trade battle in charts" | Online. [5 pp]
            Economist, "Chronicling Donald Trump’s trade war with China" | Canvas. [2 pp]
      Optional to View:
            Trade Talks #96, "Trump's Next China Tariffs and Fears in the Global Economy" 8/16/19 | Podcast [21:25 minutes]
Digital Tax:
Tankersley, "U.S. Will Impose Tariffs on French Goods in Response to Tech Tax" | Canvas. [1 pp]
Targeting Chinese Companies:
Economist, "No more quarter: America closes the last loophole in its hounding of Huawei" | Canvas. [2 pp]
Hale & McMorrow, "China export restrictions pose new risk for TikTok sale in US" | Canvas. [2 pp]
      Optional to Read:
            Davis & Strumpf, "Huawei Braces for Latest U.S. Hit, but Some Say Loopholes Remain" | Canvas. [5 pp]
            Leskin, "Trump's push to ban TikTok in the US, explained in 30 seconds" | Online. [2 pp]
      Optional to View:
            Trade Talks #101, "Huawei, National Security, and the Trade War" 9/15/19 | Podcast [23:34 minutes]
            Trade Talks #117, "Trump’s Import Tariffs Have Hurt US Exports" 1/8/20 | Podcast [21:32 minutes]
            Trade Talks #118, "Ins and Outs of the US-China Phase-One Trade Deal" 1/18/20 | Podcast [44:58 minutes]
            Trade Talks #132, "US-China Trade War: The Negotiators" 6/21/20 | Podcast [28:09 minutes]
A.2. The State of Play in International Trade and Trade Policy II: Other (Class 2: Sep 8) [57 pp + Opt 48 pp] Questions
KOM: [21 pp]
      Ch. 1, "Introduction"
      Ch. 2, "World Trade: An Overview"
Sandford and Gill, "Post-Brexit deadlock: Four areas threatening to scupper EU-UK deal on trade and future ties" | Online [3 pp]
Murray, "Supply Lines" | Canvas [2 pp]
Münchau, "The risk of a no-deal Brexit is rising, and that’s no bad thing" | Canvas [3 pp]
      Optional to Read:
            Colchester, "Brexit Is Done: The U.K. Has Left the European Union" | Canvas [5 pp]
            Parker and Steer, "UK steps up plans to train 50,000 form fillers for post-Brexit trade" | Canvas [2 pp]
      Optional to View:
            Trade Talks #100, "Sneaking Up on a No-Deal Brexit" 9/11/19 | Podcast [18:58 minutes]
Deardorff, "Links to Virus-Related Trade News" | Online. [3 pp]
Hannon, "Covid Crisis Drives Historic Drop in Global Trade" | Canvas. [4 pp]
Baldwin and Evenett, "Introduction" to COVID-19 and Trade Policy pp. 1-9 | Canvas. [9 pp]
Parker, "Canada, Australia, Chile, Brunei and Myanmar join NZ and Singapore in committing to keeping supply and trade links open" to | Online. [2 pp]
      Optional to Read:
            Baldwin and Evenett, "Introduction" to COVID-19 and Trade Policy pp. 9-19 | Canvas. [10 pp]
            WTO, "Responding to the Covid-19 Pandemic with Open and Predictable Trade" to | Online. [2 pp]
      Optional to View:
            Trade Talks #125, "Coronavirus and Trade Restrictions" 3/27/20 | Podcast [28:26 minutes]
            Trade Talks #126, "COVID-19 and Trade: Stories from the Data" 3/27/20 | Podcast [25:11 minutes]
Brunsden & Williams, "Brussels warns new US tariff threat over Airbus will harm both sides" | Canvas. [3 pp]
Michaels & Lombardi, "Airbus Looks to End Trade Dispute With U.S. by Forgoing Some Government Support" | Canvas. [3 pp]
Rappeport, "U.S. Outlines Plans to Scrutinize Chinese and Other Foreign Investment" | Canvas. [1 pp]
Hancock & Brunsden, "EU and China agree to protect regional food and drink" | Canvas. [3 pp]
      Optional to Read:
            Parker, "Anger over US single malt whisky tariffs in aircraft subsidy dispute" | Canvas. [2 pp]
            Shepherd & Liu, "Guangzhou bans frozen meat imports over virus fears" | Canvas. [3 pp]
            BBC, "Trump dangles cash for US firms moving from China" | Online. [2 pp]
            Smyth et al., "Australia set to bar China dairy takeover as trade tensions rise" | Canvas. [2 pp]
            Hale, "Hong Kong to take action against US ‘Made in China’ label demand" | Canvas. [2 pp]
            Fleming & Williams, "EU agrees to eliminate tariffs on US lobster" | Canvas. [3 pp]
            Rappeport, "U.S. Cracks Down on Counterfeits in a Warning Shot to China" | Canvas. [2 pp]
            Paris, "Global Shipping Faces Troubling New Smuggling Questions" | Canvas. [5 pp]
            Williams, "Trump targets EU and China over US lobster tariffs" | Canvas. [2 pp]
            Swanson, "Trump Administration Blocks Chinese Acquisition of Hotel Software Company" | Canvas. [1 p]
            Yang & Shepherd, "Xinjiang forced labour reported in multinational supply chains" | Canvas. [3 pp]
            Economist, "Africa’s beef with America: Why African farmers struggle to export to the United States" | Canvas. [2 pp]
      Optional to View:
            Trade Talks #92, "Japan and South Korea: Old Wounds, New Trade Fight" 7/15/19 | Podcast [19:56 minutes]
            Trade Talks #76, "Fighting over Which Poor Countries Are Special" 3/11/19 | Podcast [22:30 minutes]
B.Tariffs and Quotas (Classes 3, 4: Sep 10, 15) [34 pp + Opt 16 pp] Questions
KOM: [12 pp]
           "Basic Tariff Analysis"
           "Costs and Benefits of a Tariff"
      11th Ed.: Ch. 9, pp. 215-226
      10th Ed. (trade only): Ch. 9, pp. 206-217, 220-224
Deardorff, "Nontariff Barriers and Domestic Regulation", pp. 1-12 | Online [12 pp]
Lahart, "The Imperfect Science of How Much Tariffs Will Hurt". | Canvas [2 pp]
Puko & Matthews, "Trump Eyes Tariffs as Tool to Tame Oil Glut". | Canvas [4 pp]
Economist, "Vin-dictive: American drinkers of European wine face mounting tariff bills". | Canvas [2 pp]
Toplensky, "Trump’s Tax on Champagne Will Cost U.S. Consumers". | Canvas [2 pp]
      Optional to Read:
            Deardorff, "Analysis of Tariffs and Quotas" | Canvas [16 pp]
      Optional to View:
            Touillon-Ricci, "A 4,000-year old tale of trade and contraband" (7:54) (Tariffs are not new!)
            Trade Talks #122, "Tariffs, Protests and Wine" 2/23/20 | Podcast [29:58 minutes]
            Trade Talks #130, "So you want to design a tariff schedule…" 5/31/20 | Podcast [33:14 minutes]
C. Exchange Rates (Class 5: Sep 17) [26 pp] Questions
KOM: [11 pp]
           "Exchange Rates and International Transactions"
           "The Foreign Exchange Market"
           "BOX: Exchange Rates, Auto Prices, and Currency Wars"
      11th Ed. Ch 14, pp. 350-360 Canvas (for those who have an older trade-only text)
Economist, "What comes after Bretton Woods II?" | Canvas. [3 pp]
Economist, "Patty power: How big is China’s economy? Let the Big Mac decide" | Canvas. [2 pp]
Fassihi, "With Inflation Ravaging Currency, Iran Is Changing Names and Numbers" | Canvas. [1 p]
Chilkoti, "Investors Bet Oil Crash Will Weaken Middle East Currency Pegs" | Canvas. [6 pp]
Lockett & Gross, "Trump threats to China over coronavirus pile pressure on renminbi" | Canvas. [3 pp]
      Optional to View:
            Trade Talks #95, "Is China a Currency Manipulator?" 8/9/19 | Podcast [22:33 minutes]
            Trade Talks #104, "How to Hit Currency Manipulators and Fight the Strong Dollar" 12/19/19 | Podcast [29:01 minutes]
D. International Transactions and the Trade Balance (Class 6: Sep 22) [37 pp + Opt 35 pp] Questions
KOM: [25 pp]
           "National Income Accounting and the Balance of Payments"
      11th Ed. Ch 13 Canvas (for those who have an older trade-only text)
Garber, "International Transactions" | Online [10 pp]
Obstfeld, "Targeting specific trade deficits is a game of whack-a-mole" | Canvas [2 pp]
      Optional to Read:
            WTO, "Highlights of world trade," and "World trade developments" | Canvas. [21 pp]
            ~Scott & Mokhiber, "Growing China trade deficit cost 3.7 million American jobs" pp. 1-9 only | Online [9 pp]
            ~Buffett, "America's Growing Trade Deficit Is Selling the Nation Out From Under Us" | Online [5 pp]
      Optional to View:
            Trade Talks #98, "What's Wrong with Germany's Trade Surplus" 8/28/19 | Podcast [31:46 minutes]
E. Policies and Institutions: International (Classes 7, 8: Sep 24-29) [51 pp + Opt 66 pp] Questions
KOM: [10 pp]
         "International Negotiations and Trade Policy"
         "BOX: Settling a Dispute -- And Creating One"
         "CASE STUDY: Testing the WTO's Metal"
     11th Ed.: Ch. 10, pp. 260-269
     10th Ed. (trade only): Ch. 10, pp. 252-262
Jackson, Ch. 1 pp. 1-11 Canvas [11 pp]
Jackson, Ch. 2 pp. 49-58 Canvas [10 pp]
Lighthizer, "How to Set World Trade Straight" | Canvas [4 pp]
Amerjee, "The Multiparty Interim Appeal Arbitration Arrangement: will the US be missed?" | Online [4 pp]
Economist, "How to Rescue the WTO" | Canvas. [12 pp]
NEEDED, Something on WTO leadership succession
      Optional to Read:
            Jackson, Ch. 2 pp. 31-49, 58-78 Canvas [31 pp]
            Rodrik, "The WTO has become dysfunctional" | Canvas [3 pp]
            Schott, "Senator Hawley channels Trump in his attack on the World Trade Organization" | Online. [3 pp]
            Schlesinger, "How China Swallowed the WTO" | Canvas. [12 pp]
            Swanson, "Trump Presses World Trade Organization" | Canvas. [12 pp]
            Politi & Findlay, "WTO rules that India violated global trade rules" | Canvas [2 pp]
            White & Song, "South Korea caves in to Trump over WTO developing nation status" | Canvas [2 pp]
            Harding, "WTO rules for Japan in anti-dumping case with South Korea" | Canvas [1 p]
      Optional to View:
            Trade Talks #47, "WTO S.O.S. -- Save our System" 7/21/18 | Podcast [17:36 minutes]
            Trade Talks #60, "America May Be Doing Away with WTO Dispute Settlement" 10/28/18 | Podcast [31:50 minutes]
            Trade Talks #135, "All you need to know about the race to lead the WTO" 7/28/20 | Podcast [28:12 minutes]
F. Policies and Institutions: National, United States (Class 9: Oct 1) [43p] Questions
Jackson, Ch. 3, pp. 79-100 Canvas [21 pp]
Verrill, "An Introduction To Trade Remedies Available Under U.S. Law" | Canvas. [3 pp]
USTR, 2020 Trade Policy Agenda, Introduction only | Canvas. [3 pp]
Fefer et al., "Section 232 Investigations: Overview and Issues for Congress," | Canvas [1 p]
Politi & Reed, "US to halt preferential treatment for $1.3bn of Thai goods" | Canvas. [2 pp]
Armour & Burton, "U.S. Advances Plan to Allow Imports of Some Drugs in Bid to Cut Prices" | Canvas. [4 pp]
Williams, "US begins national security probe of electrical grid imports" | Canvas. [2 pp]
Elis, "Grassley says he wants to rein in Trump tariff powers" | Online. [1 p]
Wise & Ferek, "Congress Wants to Ban Chinese Buses, Railcars in Defense Bill" | Canvas. [3 pp]
Rappeport & Rogers, "Trumpʼs Embrace of Sanctions Irks Allies and Prompts Efforts to Evade Measures" | Canvas. [3 pp]
G. Policies and Institutions: National, Other (Class 10: Oct 6) [33 pp] Questions
European Union:
Jackson, Ch. 3, pp. 100-104 Canvas [5 pp]
EC, "The EU In Brief" | Online [2 pp]
EC DG-Trade, "Policy Making" | Online [2 pp]
Economist, "The Trade War Within" | Canvas [3 pp]
Brunsden et al., "EU revokes some of Cambodia’s trade privileges over human rights violations" | Canvas. [3 pp]
      Optional to Read:
            Economist, "Charlemagne: The revenge of strategic yogurt" | Canvas. [5 pp]
Jackson, Ch. 3, pp. 104-105 Canvas [1 p]
METI, "Trade Control" | Online [1 p]
WTO, "Trade Policy Review: Japan" | Online-PDF [5 pp]
MOFCOM, "Mission" of the Ministry of Commerce, People's Republic of China | Canvas. [3 pp]
WTO, "Trade Policy Review: China" | Online [6 pp]
      Optional to Read:
            Xinhua, "The Facts and China's Position on China-US Trade Friction," Sep 2018 | Canvas
            Bloomberg, "In Full: China’s White Paper on U.S. Economic and Trade Talks," Jun 2, 2019 | Online

II.Trade Barriers
A.Non-tariff Barriers (Class 11: Oct 8) [46 pp] Questions
KOM: [10 pp]
         "Import Quotas: Theory"
         "Voluntary Export Restraints"
         "Local Content Requirements"
         "Other Trade Policy Instruments"
     11th Ed.: Ch. 9, pp. 229-238
     10th Ed. (trade only): Ch. 9, pp. 217-220, 224-227, 232-235
Jackson, Ch. 5, pp. 153-156 Canvas [3 pp]
Deardorff, "Nontariff Barriers and Domestic Regulation", pp. 12-16 | Online [5 pp]
Feenstra, "How Costly Is Protectionism?" | Online-JSTOR [20 pp]
Beattie, "Mind your TRQs: a Brexit lesson in global trade" | Canvas. [4 pp]
Economist, "Buying local is more expensive than it looks" | Canvas. [4 pp]
      Optional to View:
            Trade Talks #49, "Are Trump's Steel Quotas Worse than His Steel Tariffs?" 8/1/18 | Podcast [20:26 minutes]
B.Export Policies (Class 12: Oct 13) [37 pp] Questions
Laborde et al., "A Global Assessment of the Economic Effects of Export Taxes" | Canvas [17 pp after omissions]
Beckman et al., "The impacts of export taxes on agricultural trade" | Online [4 pp]
Gettleman et al., "India Isnʼt Letting a Single Onion Leave the Country" | Canvas [2 pp]
Economist, "Of cashews and cash: Mozambique’s nut factories have made a cracking comeback" | Canvas [2 pp]
Bruce-Lockhart, "Boom in global sand trade fuels fears over conservation" | Canvas [7 pp]
Uyen, "Vietnam Takes ‘Drastic Steps’ on Fraudulent Exports to U.S." | Canvas [2 pp]
Ryan, "Cocoa Cartel Is Less Bitter for Luxury Chocolate" | Canvas [3 pp]
C.Multi-Market Analysis (Class 13: Oct 15) [7 pp] Questions
Deardorff, "Trade Policy with Interacting Markets" | Online [7 pp]
D.Why Countries Restrict Trade (Class 14: Oct 20) [46 pp + Opt 44 pp] Questions
KOM: [14 pp]
         "The Case for Free Trade"
         "National Welfare Arguments against Free Trade"
         "Income Distribution and Trade Policy"
         "BOX: Politicians for Sale: Evidence from the 1990s"
     11th Ed.: Ch. 10, pp. 246-259
     10th Ed. (trade only): Ch. 10, pp. 236-252
Baldwin and Magee, "Is Trade Policy for Sale?" | Online-Springer [22 pp]
Magee, "Why Are Trade Barriers So Low?" | Online-Wiley [6 pp]
Beattie, "Can the EU’s carbon border tax work for farming?" | Canvas. [4 pp]
      Optional to Read:
            Deardorff and Stern, "Introduction" | Canvas. [19 pp]
            Kazmin, "Delhi’s retaliatory strike at Chinese coffers threatens to backfire" | Canvas. [4 pp]
            Schultz et al., "Pakistan Hits Back at India Over Kashmir Move, Targeting Bilateral Trade" | Canvas. [3 pp]
            Song, "South Korea and Japan business leaders call for end to dispute" | Canvas. [2 pp]
            Manson & Sevastopulo, "US bars arms exports to Hong Kong as it revokes special status" | Canvas. [3 pp]
            Economist, "Barley barney and beef beef: China punishes Australia" | Canvas. [2 pp]
            Brunsden & Mallet, "Paris and The Hague say EU must toughen enforcement of green trade" | Canvas. [3 pp]
            Whoriskey, "U.S. weighs plan to block cocoa imports produced with child labor" | Canvas. [3 pp]
            Mackrael & McNish, "Canada Meat Exports to China to Resume" | Canvas. [3 pp]
            Zumbrun, "China Lifts 4-Year Ban on U.S. Chicken" | Canvas. [2 pp]
      Optional to View:
            Davidson, "U.S. Tariffs On Shoes" | Online [4 minutes]
            Trade Talks #121, "Can Infant Industry Protection Work? Evidence from Napoleon" 2/12/20 | Podcast [24:09 minutes]

III. The Theory of International Specialization and Exchange
A. The Standard Trade Model (Classes 15, 16: Oct 22, Oct 27) [26 pp] Questions
KOM: [22 pp]
         "The Standard Trade Model"
     Ch. 6 (any edition)
Bernhofen & Brown, "Evidence from nineteenth century Japan" | Online [4 pp]
B. Behind the Standard Trade Model: Comp. Adv., Inc. Dist. (Class 17: Oct 29) [51 pp] Questions
KOM, on comparative advantage: [15 pp]
         "The Concept of Comparative Advantage"
         "A One-Factor Economy"
         "Trade in a One-Factor World"
         "BOX: The Case of Babe Ruth"
         "BOX: The Losses from Nontrade"
         "Misconceptions about Comparative Advantage"
         "BOX: Do Waves Reflect Productiity?
     11th Ed.: Ch. 3, pp. 24-40
     10th Ed. (trade only): Ch. 3, pp. 24-40
KOM, on effects of trade: [10 pp]
         "Effects of International Trade between Two-Factor Economies"
         "CASE STUDY: North-South Trade and Income Inequality"
         "Factor-Price Equalization"
     11th Ed.: Ch. 5, pp. 97-102, 107-108
     10th Ed. (trade only): Ch. 5, pp. 94-98, 102-103
Deardorff, "Intro to Comparative Advantage" | Online [7 pp]
Freeman, "Are Your Wages Set in Beijing?" | Online-JSTOR [19 pp]
*** INTERMISSION, Tuesday Nov 3 ***
(This is US Election Day, and we will not hold class.)
C. Scale Economies and Imperfect Competition (Class 18: Nov 5) [25 pp] Questions
KOM: [25 pp]
         "External Economies of Scale and the International Location of Production"
             (Except "Interregional Trade and Economic Geography")
         "The Theory of Imperfect Competition"
         "Monopolistic Competition and Trade"
     11th Ed.: Ch. 7, pp. 151-164; Ch. 8, pp. 170-180
     10th Ed. (trade only): Ch. 7, pp. 145-156; Ch. 8, pp. 164-174


IV. Uses and Abuses of Trade Policy
A.Preferential Trading Arrangements (Class 19: Nov 10) [46 pp + Opt 12] Questions
KOM: [7 pp]
         "The End of Trade Agreements?"
         "BOX: Do Agricultural Subsidies Hurt the Third World?"
         "Preferential Trading Agreements"
         "BOX: Free Trade Area Versus Customs Union"
         "BOX: Brexit"
         "CASE STUDY: Trade Diversion in South America"
         "The Trans-Pacific Partnership"
     11th Ed.: Ch. 10, pp. 269-276
     10th Ed. (trade only): Ch. 7, pp. 263-268
WTO, "Causes and Effects of PTAs" pp 94-109 | Online [16 pp]
Posen, "The Errors of Conservatives Obscure the Case for Trade" | Canvas. [2 pp]
Deardorff and Sharma, "The Simple Analytics of Trade Creation and Diversion" | Online [21 pp]
      Optional to Read:
            WTO, "Causes and Effects of PTAs" pp 109-120 | Online [12 pp]
B.FTAs and Other Trade Deals (Class 20: Nov 12) [54 pp + Opt 5] Questions
Kirby, "USMCA, Trumps New NAFTA Deal, Explained in 500 Words" | Online [2 pp]
Swanson and Tankersley, "Trump Just Signed the U.S.M.C.A. Here’s What’s in the New NAFTA" | Canvas. [2 pp]
Swanson, "As New NAFTA Takes Effect, Much Remains Undone" | Canvas. [5 pp]
Nakayama & Asayama, "Japanese carmakers opt to triple Mexican pay rather than move to US" | Canvas [2 pp]
      Optional to View:
            Trade Talks #82, "How Big Is the USMCA? It's Uncertain" 4/27/19 | Podcast [29:17 minutes]
            Trade Talks #113, "How and Why Congressional Democrats Tweaked the USMCA" 12/14/19 | Podcast [36:38 minutes]
Elombi, "With tariffs gone, the work begins for African trade" | Canvas. [3 pp]
EU and other:
Mitchell, "Canada's farmers struggle to reap gains from EU free trade deal" | Canvas. [4 pp]
Gross and Harris, "Brazil's Amazon sugarcane plan sours prospects for EU-Mercosur trade deal" | Canvas. [3 pp]
Webber, "Mexico and EU finalise new free-trade agreement" | Canvas. [1 p]
Onishi, "Vietnam targets China manufacturers after EU trade green light" | Canvas. [4 pp]
China and other:
JapanTimes, "RCEP members to keep aiming for deal this year, with hopes India will rejoin" | Online. [1 p]
      Optional to Read:
            Fassihi & Myers, "Defying U.S., China and Iran Near Trade and Military Partnership" | Canvas. [5 p]
            Harding et al. , "Asian trade deal set to be signed after years of negotiations" | Canvas. [3 p]
UK and other:
Edgington, "Brexit: What trade deals has the UK done so far?" | Canvas. [7 pp]
Parker, "UK trade deal with Japan stalls over blue cheese demands" | Canvas. [3 pp]
Payne et al., "UK and US face hurdles to deliver 'fast pace' trade pact" | Canvas. [3 pp]
WSJ, "Where Is the U.S.-U.K. Trade Deal?" | Canvas. [3 pp]
      Optional to Read:
            Parker & Brunsden, "Britain set to fall short in race to replace EU trade deals" | Canvas. [3 p]
US and other:
Taplin, "Obama Trade Policy Goes Back to the Future" | Canvas. [2 pp]
Bacchus, "Time for a US-Georgia free trade pact" | Canvas. [3 pp]
Swanson, "U.S. to Start Trade Talks With Kenya to Counter Chinaʼs Influence" | Canvas. [2 pp]
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C.Safeguards (Class 21: Nov 17) [44 pp] Questions
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      Optional to Read:
            USITC, "Understanding Safeguard Investigations" undated | Online
      Optional to View:
            Trade Talks #20, "Tariff Time! Washing Machines and Dirty Trade Policy" 1/26/18 | Podcast [21:31 minutes]
D.Trade Adjustment Assistance (Class 22: Nov 19) [36 pp] Questions
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~James, "Maladjusted" | Online [13 pp]
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      Optional to View:
            Trade Talks #91, "Can Trade Adjustment Assistance Work?" 7/4/19 | Podcast [19:04 minutes]
E.Dumping and Anti-Dumping Policy (Classes 23, 24: Dec 1, 3) [57 pp] Questions
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      Optional to View:
            Trade Talks #80, "Zeroing: The Biggest WTO Threat You've Never Heard Of" 4/9/19 | Podcast [22:14 minutes]
F.Subsidies and Countervailing Duties (Class 25: Dec 8) [46 pp] Questions
KOM: [11 pp]
         "Export Subsidies"
         "CASE STUDY: Europe's Common Agricultural Policy"
         "Sophisticated Arguments for Activist Trade Policy"
         "BOX: A Warning from Intel's Founder"
         "CASE STUDY: When the Chips Were Up"
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      Optional to View:
            Trade Talks #116, "Fish Subsidies. What’s the Catch?" 12/19/19 | Podcast [28:27 minutes]