Will be produced by Grade A Notes copy service, sold at Michigan Union Bookstore.
One copy of each will also be on reserve at the Shapiro Undergraduate Library.
Prices will be posted here when known.

NOTE: You are NOT required to buy these coursepacks.
They contain materials that you can find free online, at the links shown.
They are provided in coursepacks only for your convenience.

Number and Title Description Link Price
Coursepack 1: Textbook These five files contain the assigned chapters of the textbook, which is out of print and may be hard to find. Online $20.37
Coursepack 2: Extra Readings These are five readings that I have written as handouts, supplementary to the text. Online $6.56
Coursepacks 3: Old Exams Old exams, with answers, from Summer 2002 and Summer 2003 (the last times I taught this course). Online $8.90