Study Questions*
Winter 2014

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Lecture 23: Apr 21 Environment, Labor Standards, and Trade Answers
Lecture 22: Apr 14 Outsourcing / Offshoring Answers
Lecture 21: Apr 9 International Policies for Economic Development: Aid Answers
Lecture 20: Apr 7 International Policies for Economic Development: Financial Answers
Lecture 19: Mar 31 International Policies for Economic Development: Trade Answers
Lecture 18: Mar 26 Preferential Trading Arrangements Answers
Lecture 17: Mar 24 European Monetary Unification and the Euro Answers
Lecture 16: Mar 19 Fixed Versus Floating Exchange Rates Answers
Lecture 15: Mar 17 International Macroeconomics Answers
Lecture 14: Mar 12 Pegging the Exchange Rate Answers
Lecture 13: Mar 10 Exchange Rates Answers
Lecture 12: Feb 24 Trade Balance Answers
Lecture 11: Feb 19 Multinationals and International Capital Movements Answers
Lecture 10: Feb 17 Migration Answers
Lecture 9: Feb 12 World Trade Arrangements and the WTO Answers
Lecture 8: Feb 10 U.S. Trade Policies and Institutions Answers
Lecture 7: Feb 5 Reasons for Protection Answers
Lecture 6: Feb 3 Non-Tariff Barriers Answers
Lecture 5: Jan 29 Tariffs Answers
Lecture 4: Jan 27 Modern Theories and Additional Effects of Trade Answers
Lecture 3: Jan 22 Comparative Advantage and the Gains from Trade Answers
Lecture 2: Jan 15 Institutions of the International Economy Answers
Lecture 1: Jan 13 Overview of the World Economy Answers

*These are questions and answers corresponding to the lectures and the associated readings. They are intended to be representative of the style and content of what will appear on exams. In fact, some of these questions may well be used on exams directly, with or without changing them.

Answers will be posted about a week after the lecture to which they apply.