Assigned News Items

Note: I will list here, for most of the term, the major news items that have appeared that are relevant for the course. I will usually discuss these, if only briefly, on Tuesdays (or the following Thursdays when Tuesdays are not available). You should be sure to be familiar with them from whatever news sources you are using. Where possible, I will provide links to the items online. I will include questions about some of them on exams.

Jan 9-15

  1. US to file WTO complaint against China over aluminum -- WSJ: 1/12 | Proquest | FT: 1/12 | Canvas
  2. Indonesia relaxes export ban -- FT: 1/12 | Canvas
  3. Currency news -- WSJ: 1/9 | Proquest | WSJ: 1/11 | Proquest | WSJ: 1/12 | Proquest