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PubPol 201
Module 3: International Trade Policy

Fall 2018, Alan Deardorff

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Topic and Assigned Reading

Oct 25 Intro to Trade and Trade Policy
Baldwin"U.S. Trade Policy since 1934: An Uneven Path toward Greater Trade Liberalization" (read only Section 5, pp. 25-30) [6p] Online
USITC, "U.S. Trade Policy since 1934" (read only pp. 59-89). [31p] Online
Verrill, "An Introduction to Trade Remedies Available under U.S. Law" [3p] Canvas
WTO, "What is the World Trade Organization?" [2p] Online
Oct 26 Section: KORUS Amended
Premack, "What Is KORUS, And Why Is Trump So Mad About It?" [3p] Online
White House, "President Donald J. Trump is Fulfilling His Promise" [4p] Online
Fernaández Campbell, "Trump's new trade deal with South Korea, explained" [7p] Online
Oct 30 The Gains and Losses from Trade
Bernstein, "Getting straight about the costs of trade" [3p] Online
Deardorff, "Benefits and Costs of Following Comparative Advantage" [42p] Canvas
Deardorff, "Tariff in Partial Equilibrium" [8p] Online | Canvas
Economist, "Keep the Costs of Trade in Perspective" [5p] Canvas
Nov 1 Trade Deficits; Currency Manipulation
Bergsten and Gagnon, "The New US Currency Policy" [6p] Online
Economist, "China and currency manipulation" [3p] Canvas
FT View, "Donald Trump beats a retreat over China's currency" [3p] Canvas
Lankford, "The U.S. trade deficit is a good thing. Really" [2p] Online
Mankiw, "Want to Rev Up the Economy? Don't Worry About the Trade Deficit" [3p] Canvas
Talley, "U.S. Treasury Stops Short of Calling China a Currency Manipulator" [3p] Canvas>
Newmyer, "...Currency claims" [2p (of 9)] Canvas
Nov 2 Section: Comparative Advantage and Free Trade
Bhagwati, "Does the Free Market Corrode Moral Character?" [2p] Canvas
Deardorff, "...Comparative Advantage" [7p] Online
Nov 6 The China Shock
Arnold, "China Killed 1 Million U.S. Jobs, But Don't Blame Trade Deals" [1p] Online
Autor et al. (ADH), "The China Shock: Learning from Labor Market Adjustment to Large Changes in Trade" [31p] Online
Davis & Hilsenrath, "How the China Shock, Deep and Swift, Spurred the Rise of Trump" [12p] Canvas
Economist, "Economists Argue about the Impact of Chinese Imports on America" [3p] Canvas
Krugman, "The China Shock and the Trump Shock" [1p] Online
Nov 8 Trade Policies under Trump
Bown and Kolb, "Trump's Trade War Timeline" [3p] Online | Online-PDF
Schlesinger & Ailworth, "U.S. Imposes New Tariffs" | Canvas. [4 pp]
Ward, "Deal to avoid a trade war" | Online. [4 pp]
Legrain, "Why China Will Win the Trade War" [4p] Online
Mitchell, "Trump's tariffs prove tougher obstacle than China expected" [5 pp] Canvas.
Barfield, "Trump wants to withdraw from the WTO" [3p] Online
Nov 9 Section: Germany's export surplus
Economist, "Why Germany's current-account surplus is bad for the world economy" [5p] Canvas
Donnan, "Trump's top trade adviser accuses Germany of currency exploitation" [5p] Canvas
Landler, "Blind Spots in Trump's Trade Tirade Against Germany" [4p] Canvas
Nov 13 NAFTA and Its Renegotiation
AFL-CIO, "NAFTA at 20", pp 1-29 only. [19p] Online
Posen, "The Case for Trade" [2p] Canvas
AFL-CIO, "A NAFTA that Works Must Empower Working People, Not Corporations" [2p] Online
USTR, "Summary of Objectives for the NAFTA Renegotiation" [18p] Online
Tankersley, "Trump Just Ripped Up Nafta. Here's What's in the New Deal." [3p] Canvas
Economist, "Canada joins North America's revised trade deal" [3p] Canvas

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