Comments from Mar 4, 2004, questionnaire:

I would like to see the answers to the homework posted before its due date. Seeing the answers is a valuable tool in learning the material and checking your work. I doubt anybody goes back to check the homework after they have been graded.

[Things liked least:] The wishy washy nature of economics

The exams are way too hard. The questions are out to trick you. You must incorporate way too much intuitiveness rather than material learned on the exams. I studied for 35+ hours for Exam 1, read all the book, all study guides, all old exams and still only managed a C+. That is ridiculous.

A median of 60 seems much too low for a course like Econ 102. It's lower than my Math 116 median for the first exam, which is quite extreme.

[Things like best:] My friends.

Lectures should cover the topics for the day and not run over to the next class. This makes it confusing when put together with readings.

I hate hate hate seeing all the WSJs cluttering the street. That needs to stop!

It is a class that applies more to the real world than any other class I've taken.

[Things liked least:] No powerpoint.

[Things liked least:] Too many stuffs!!

I like the examples that you use that are relevant to today (off-shoring). They are more interesting. I also like the information (data and graphs) that are presented.

Make online readings optional and as a supplament to understanding the theory, which can be applied anywhere if properly understood and not just to the examples we have to memorize. Memorization shoujld not be present in economics.

[Things liked best:] Be able to have an intelligent conversation with my dad about this stuff.

Overall, I like the course and Professor Deardorff is a good lecturer. I really like it when he talks about real life examples in lecture.

Your lectures contain a lot of tangents, if more straight to the point it would be easier to follow.

The prof should give some extra stuff that is not in the book and test them to punish those lazy absentees!

[Things liked least:] Lecture notes not put online meaning that I have to get up and go to lecture.

Mentioning more of the online reading in lecture would help understanding of them and remind students to actually read them. Also, it would be less confusing if the GSIs, the text, and the professor would all use the same terminology and abbreviations for things.

[Things liked least:] *** A lot of the time it feels like we are taught concepts after we are taught them.

Change textbook. Mankiw is too right-winged.

It's really hard to recognize professor's writing :(

Hope Professor can be more prepared before come to lecture. Seems you are not prepared!