Date Time Activity Notes
Friday, 22 June 6:30 PM Briefing at Los Angeles Airport Hilton George, Alan, dinner, more George.
9:30 PM Transfer to airport Bags with red-orange tags, us on bus, slow security and check-in.
Saturday, 23 June 12:30 AM Depart for Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific 881 Individual video screens and socks, etc., but no leg room. Zzzz?
Sunday, 24 June 5:30 AM Arrive Hong Kong One hour early, nothing open yet. Wait for train, or walk to gate.
8:00 AM Depart for Beijing on Dragon Air 900
11:00 AM Arrive Beijing Meet national guide (Charming - Jia Chang Ming) and city guide (Selena). Bus to hotel
12:00 PM Check in to Kun Lun Hotel Time for shower. Bags brought to room. Classy hotel.
1:00 PM Lunch at 21 Century Hotel First of many Chinese meals
2:20 PM Visit Summer Palace Man-made (but old!) lake, covered walkway with many paintings.
Evening On our own
Monday, 25 June 9:00 AM Meeting at China International Travel Service (CITS)
Tong Zhiguang, National People's Congress, negotiator
  Wu Jia-huang, consultant, former WTO negotiator
  Wu Yan, Anti-Dumping and Countervailing Office, Director
  Zheng Chengsi, China Academy of Social Sciences, Professor
  Ren Yifeng, WTO Research Institute, Exectutive Secretary-General
  Wang Qing Hua, National Economy & Trade Committee, Vice-Chair
  Zhu Min, People’s Bank of China.
Recording: Pete Ferderer.
Changed rooms after first was too small and too hot.
Impressive performance by Mr. Tong.
11:30 AM Visit Tian'anmen Square Pedestrian tunnel to reach it. Soccer players kicking ball against People's Congress Hall.
12:30 PM Lunch at Beihai Royal Restaurant Power out -- no air conditioning.
2:00 PM Meeting at University of International Business and Economics
  Lin Guijun, School of International Trade and Economics, Dean
  Ming Men,Department of Finance, Director
  Cui Fan
  Wang Jun, MOFTEC and WTO Research Institute
  Xia Haiquan, Assistant Professor
  He Ziyun, Finance & Banking Institute of China
Recording: Mark Jamison.
Good discussion of trade issues, then financial issues.
6:30 PM Dinner at Qianmen Hotel
7:30 PM Attend Beijing Opera at Liyuan Theater Performers donning makeup in entryway. Audience seated at tables. Electric signs next to stage with words in Chinese and English. Performance a mix of music, mime, and acrobatics. Charming sings in bus afterwards.
Tuesday, 26 June 8:30 AM Visit Forbidden City Vast.
10:30 AM Visit Jade Factory Just a few workers, on display. Huge store with many eager salespersons.
12:00 PM Lunch at Dayi Restaurant
2:30 PM Visit Great Wall Group picture. Choice to climb to left (hard) or right (less hard). Meet in hotel down the hill past numerous stalls selling souvenirs.
4:30 PM Return from Great Wall More songs from Charming.
7:00 PM Peking Duck Dinner at Quanjude Restaurant
Guest: Wu Jia-huang
Private room. Many courses mostly duck, culminating in Peking Duck.
Wednesday, 27 June 7:00 AM Bags collected
9:00 AM Meeting at CITS
Attending (list incomplete):
  Wang Yuesheng, Peking University, Professor
  Zou, Enterprise Research Institute, Beijing Univ.
  Zhou Xiao-Hong, State Economic and Trade Commission
  Li Zi Ce, Hanwang Technology Group.
  Jing Sun, China Market Economic News, reporter
  Sun Xin, Beijing Normal University
  Wu, Shandong Province; Agent for trade in medical equipment and telemedicine
Recording: Paul Johnson.
Many diverse guests, needed more time.
12:00 PM Lunch at Fangzexuan Restaurant Joined by guests, fresh from nearby Lama Temple. Leisurely lunch, since there is extra time before flight.
5:10 PM Depart for Chongqing by China Southwest 4142 Delayed due to weather, apparently. Dinner on board.
9:00 PM Arrive Chongqing Meet city guide, Li Nan.
10:00 PM Check in to Marriott Hotel New hotel in center of city, amazingly luxurious, but hard beds. Skip scheduled dinner.
Thursday, 28 June 9:00 AM Meet at Chongqing Hi-Tech Industry Development Zone
  Chen Yong, Foreign Investment Department, Deputy Director
Recording: Vasant Sukhatme.
Much detailed Q&A. Ms. Chen delightful; needed a cigarette afterwards.
12:00 PM Lunch at Shancheng Restaurant
2:00 PM Meeting in Marriott with Chongqing Economic Development Committee
  Liao Yuanhe, Chongqing Academy of Social Sciences, Vice President
Recording: Tom Fomby.
Time cut short by Dr. Liao's call to see mayor.
6:00 PM Dinner at Chongqing Hotel
Friday, 29 June 9:00 AM [?] Visit zoo Just in time to see one giant panda eating.
10:00 AM [?] Visit artists' village Explanation by one of the artists, plus time to view their studios.
11:00 AM [?] Visit Eling Park View of Chongqing from pagoda.
12:00 PM Lunch at People's Restaurant
1:30 PM [?] Visit General Stillwell Museum
2:30 PM [?] Visit Silk Spinning Factory Noisy and hot work for women running rows of machines. Sweat shop?
6:00 PM Dinner at Renming Hotel
11:30 PM Bags collected
Saturday, 30 June 5:15 AM Wake-up call Followed by breakfast at 5:45
6:30 AM Bus to airport
8:10 AM Depart for Shanghai by China Southwest 4541 One stop (Wuhan?) before Shanghai
11:00 AM Arrive Shanghai Meet city guide, John.
12:30 PM Check in to Hilton Hotel Bags slow to reach rooms, delaying afternoon activities.
2:00 PM Lunch at Haiou Restaurant
3:30 PM Visit Yu Yuan Garden Nine turns walk [?], banyan root furniture, dragons.
6:00 PM Dinner on our own
7:30 PM Acrobatic show Plates, barrels, chairs, bikes, etc.
Sunday, 1 July 8:30 AM Visit Jade Buddha Temple Two jade Buddha's, plus a larger stone replica of one of them.
9:30 AM Visit Silk Rug and Tapestry Factory Incredibly fine work.
11:00 AM Visit Bund View of both it and of the new skyline across the river.
12:00 PM Lunch at Jiu Xiao Ge Restaurant Private room, top floor of Friendship Store. Charming retrieves Barney and Bo from Bund.
2:00 PM Visit Shanghai Museum Beautiful new structure on People's Square. Four floors of displays, with individual electronic audio guides.
6:00 PM Dinner at Jingan Tower Change to private room for report by Vasant and Pete on their visit with executive from KFC and Pizza Hut.
Monday, 2 July 10:00 AM Meeting at Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences
  Kang Xie, Senior Research Fellow
  Tu Qiyu, Associate Professor
  Jin Fang, Associate Research Professor
Recording: Charlotte Twight.
Good people and discussion, but facilities are shabbier (and hotter) than we've seen before. Nice chairs though.
12:00 PM Lunch at Park Hotel Only meal with the soup served first. Park Hotel is state owned.
2:00 PM Meet at China Council for the Promotion of International Trade
  Yang Zhihua, Chairman
Recording: Peter Birckmayer. This is a Chamber of Commerce. Most luxurious facilities we've seen, with gifts from firms displayed.
7:00 PM Farewell Dinner at Seagull Palace Room overlooking river and Bund. Toasts. Time afterwards for night view of Bund, bats.
Tuesday, 3 July Morning On our own
12:00 PM Bags collected
3:30 PM Bus to airport
6:10 PM Depart for Hong Kong on Dragon Air 891 In Hong Kong, say goodbye to those on Hong Kong extension.
11:25 PM Depart for Los Angeles on Cathay Pacific 880
9:40 PM Arrive Los Angeles Customs, immigration, find shuttle to LAX Hilton, goodbye.