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Nukunonu Atoll (Shuttle):
Fakaofu Atoll (shuttle):
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Band that has its base in Tokelau:
New Song and Dance from the Central Pacific: Creating and Performing the Fatele of Tokelau in the Islands and in New Zealand (can buy at this link):
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Extensive information on Tokelau was extremely difficult to find. There were several pages with basic facts and statistics on this country, however it tended to be the same fact sheet each time. Several websites that I found showcased and sold Tokelau stamps, especially those with bird pictures. I found very little information about traveling to Tokelau; some travel websites did not have it listed as a destination at all. I had a lot of difficulty finding any pictures of Tokelau on the web (although the pictures of Tokelau from space are very neat I think), much less music and dance ones. The best website I found dealing with music and Tokelau is the Te Vaka website. This band is an internationally acclaimed group with its roots in Tokelau. I did find some mention of Tokelau dance groups participating in South Pacific festivals however, and found a few videos in which there is a dance group representing Tokelau.


-- Melissa Wu