General Sites:

Map and basic information in the Central Intelligence Agency's World Factbook.
Solomon Islands' Ministry of Commerce. There are many links to different commercial sites as well as cultural interest sites. The Gizo Historical and Cultural Museum has a page that is a part of this site.

Solomon Islands People First Network. An interesting site, a community information and communications network developed by the Solomon Islands Development Administration and Participatory Planning Programme (SIDAPP)Solomons. The link to "Provinces" will take you to good maps.
"Solomon Islands" in Ethnologue: Languages of the World An index of languages in the Solomons compiled by SIL International (formerly Summer Institute of Linguistics).
The Solomon Islands @ A major collection of links (including general
Pacific sites).

Solomon Islands, Pearl of the Pacific. Has some pictures!
Melanesian Handcraft. This site is commercially oriented, offering traditional crafts
and other items for sale. The site is based in the Solomons but offers items from all over
Melanesia. However, no music is available.
Vaturanga Home Page. Developed and maintained by David Ryniker, the site provides an ethnography of the Vaturanga people. Has photos from the author's field work!
A Marine Diary: My Experiences on Guadalcanal, by J. R. Garrett. An interesting site focusing on events in the Solomon Islands during WWII. There are many sites devoted to this; this one is from the point of view of a US Marine. Even if you are not interested in WWII history, there are a lot of pictures on this site (mostly military).

Music and Dance:

Overall, there seems to be little online information on Solomon Islands music & dance--lots of general culture sites but very few dealing with music or dance.

-- Jesse Johnston

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