American Samoa at

American Samoa Geography 2000. Basic facts about American Samoa. Click here for a map.

Samoa--Introduction 2000. Basic facts about Samoa (formerly Western Samoa). Click here for a map.


Images From The Samoa Islands by Dr. Augustin Kramer, 1901. Over forty photographs from a dr. who journeyed to Samoa in 1901. Great pictures, and descriptive captions.

Essay on Samoan culture--Fa'asamoa--with links to additional essays on particular topics.

Essay on Samoan Music (Traditional and Contemporary) at Samoan Sensation. No music samples or pictures, but good description of comparison and contrast between traditional and contemporary Samoan music

Essay on Samoan dance at Samoan Sensation. This has a couple of pictures and the descriptions of siva, taualunga, and sasa.

Asian/Pacific Islander Festival Photo Gallery. -This photo gallery includes photos from the Fa'a Samoa Dance Competition held during Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month at Pearl Harbor. The captions help decipher the dances taking place.

Manu Samoa Siva Tau (War Dance). Text and translation of a Samoan war chant, found on the official Samoan Rugby website.


Sources of Samoan music on Planet-Samoa. A search engine that provides links to sources for purchasing CDs and videos of traditional and contemporary Samoan music and Samoan bands.

SuluAnna's Polynesia Online Store. This site features new CDs, videos, books, and food.

Samoan, Hawaiian & Polynesian Music Sites on the Internet. Links to different sites that broadcast online. Requires Real Player.

Sounds of Samoana. Sound files!!


-- Erin Pons