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Music and Dance Pictures:
Try as I might, I could not find any pictures of music and dance from Palau/Belau on the web.

Music and Dance Information:
Small paragraph about dance under Holidays:
List of some Pacific Island Discographies (not just Paluan):

Palau Reference Materials:

Critique of websites:
There was a wealth of information concerning diving in and around the Palau Islands. This
includes commercial diving websites and it was also the focus of many Palau resort and tourism
websites. Belau is one of the most beautiful and pristine places in the world to see spectacular
marine life and ecosystems (there are plenty of web pictures to help support that). There were
also many websites dedicated to the famous Rock Islands of Palau as well. There are quite a
number of homepages owned by Paluan natives as well, with many pictures of family and
friends, and some links to Belau websites. I was able to locate a few music recordings of Paluan
musicians, and also a list of groups that have Paluan lyrics, but beyond that I did not find much
concerning music and dance in Palau.

Source: Melissa Wu\