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There are many books to be found at using keyword searches of "Papua New Guinea Music" and "Papua New Guinea Dance"

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I found a wealth of general information regarding Papua New Guinea. Many travel sites offer adventure-type packages for tourists, such as scuba diving. As usual, it was a little harder to find information and pictures of music and dance, however once I found a few webpages with especially good links, they weren't too hard to locate. I found many homepages dedicated to Papua New Guinea and many pictures of people in traditional dress at various Papua New Guinea Festivals. Getting to this country is done by air, usually from Australia, but also from other points in the Pacific and Southeast Asia. Within the country, boat, walking, automobile, and airplane are all utilized for transportation. There is lots of blue and green in the Papua New Guinea pictures that I found. Buying Papua New Guinea music would be very easy, there are several CDs out there featuring music from this island. There is also a music studio/producer website that is devoted to selling and promoting its Papua New Guinea music. I found several websites touting Papua New Guinea orchids and their WWII history as well.


-- Melissa Wu