General Information, Maps, etc:

* This site has general information on New Caledonia's
grand terre as well as surrounding islands (especially the Loyalty Islands). It includes a map of the New Caledonia nation as well as an area map that locates the country in the Pacific Ocean, geographical facts, climate information, photos of the environment, and a chat forum.
* This is another useful general information site. It has especially nice pictures, and a user-friendly list of attractions.
* This site shows and sell photos of older generations of New Caledonians.

Islands' music and dance traditions:

Photos of Music and Dance:
*The New Phonecards of New Caledonia: There is one picture of dancers on
this site that promotes phone card collection.
* Click here to see a picture of pilou.
* A native music site on which one can access music samples.
Specifically, the pilou genre and subgenres are highlighted. In addition, there are amazing video clips that offer panoramic views of the islands' flora and fauna.
*Lonelyplanet: New Caledonia: This site includes brief infomation on Kanak (native) dance as well as other infomation on New Caledonia culture.
*Fiji Suva Mission, New Caledonia: This site has music performed in what sounds like a native language, but it is not native music in performance practice or style. This music is likely religious and by contemporary white foreign missionaries (Mormons).

See also The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians and Encyclopedia Britannica, both online.

Sites where CDs and Videos are sold:
*No sites that sell cds or videos were located.

* This site offers the monograph "Kanak Dance and Music:
Ceremonial and Intimate Performance of the Melanesians of New Caledonia,
Historical and Actual."

Source: Rebecca Schwartz-Bishir