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Music and Dance Information:
A brief mention in the opening paragraph about dance:

Critique of Websites found:
As you can see, I found almost nothing pertaining to music and dance on Nauru. The majority of
the Nauru websites (and there are not many Nauru websites that I could find) I located
discussed the heavily mined phosphate deposits the island once possessed, and the somewhat
bleak future for the remaining islanders once this rich resource is fully depleted. There is some
mention about offshore banking, which apparently is very common on the island, second in
number only to the Cayman Islands. The general consensus among the travel websites I visited
was that Nauru has not yet developed a tourism industry, and visiting the country is, sadly
enough, not considered worthwhile. A couple sites also mentioned that Nauru had been
"stripped" of its traditional culture when occupied by various European countries and Japan.
One site in particular noted that the Germans banned the natives from dancing. Thus, there is
apparently not a lot of traditional cultural preservation. I don?t know how accurate these
ions are, but I found enough of them that I wanted to mention it.

Source: Melissa Wu