Gadao's Big Guam Page. Extensive collection of links to news and information about Guam.

KAHA -- Guam Council on the Arts and Humanities Agency.

Northern Mariana Islands

General References & Introductory Profiles

Encyclopedia Britannica.

CIA's World Fact Book.

Fact Monster World & News Atlas on Learning Network: Map and country profile.

Lonely Planet.

United Nations System-Wide Earthwatch.

Meta Monster.

Community Resources Chatrooms and links, compiled by Saipan.Com Web Services.

CNMI.Net. A not-for-profit community-oriented site for the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, sponsored by the folks at Includes links to historical, memorial and community sites.

Northern Mariana Islands. A government-sponsored site.

Basic Geology of the Northern Mariana Islands.

Media & Communiations

Marianas CableVision KMCV7 News. Online news broadcasts from Saipan.

Mariana Islands DX Association. Amateur radio club on Saipan and Guam.

The Saipan Tribune.

Music & Dance Temporarily offline for redesign.

Peska.NET Shop for products from Guam and the Marianas. This site offers new CDs in Chamorro and English.

Guam Hymn. Lyrics and translation for official song of Guam.

American Music. Guam's #1 Music Store.


Agharup Dancers: Songs and Dances of the Northern Mariana Islands, 1980. Videotaped performances of the Agharup Society Dancers sent from the Northern Marianas prior to their arrival in Hawaii in October 1980. Video at Wong Audio/Visual Center, Sinclair Library, University of Hawai'i at Manoa.

There are excerpts of four dances on vol. 29, "Oceania 1" of The JVC Video Anthology of World Music and Dance (1990).



Erin Pons writes about her surfing for sites on Guam and Northern Mariana Islands:

In looking for information on the Mariana Islands, I found three types of websites:

1) tourism- oriented sites; even the government pages stressed the amenities the islands had to offer to visitors.

2) ecology of the islands including formation of volcanoes, and water problems that seem to be occurring. A genuine effort to preserve the islands appears to be taking place at least according to the environmental websites that I browsed.

3) history of the Mariana Islands during WWII. Even popular travel websites like the lonely planet guide allude to the Japanese losing this territory to US control in their opening paragraph.

I think the best find was the website that connects to local radio stations in the Mariana Islands and Guam. When searching for music and dance I landed on places like where items were for sale, but there did not seem to be common resources that simply had information to offer.