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Hawaiian Music

Slack Key & 'Ukulele


Music and the Hawaiian Sovereignty Movement

Reference Sources

Hawaiian Chants and Songs in Published and Recorded Sources. Indexes and lists compiled and provided by Amy Ku'uleialoha Stillman, posted at University of Hawai'i Library, Hawaiian Collection Bibliographies.

Hawaiian Music Links at Hawaiian Music Island This page of links includes breakdowns by instrument, and pages for individual recording artists

The Hula Pages the master list of links

HawaiianLinks.com Hawai'i Culture Links for the Hawaiian Community. Lots of hula photos are on this site.

Hawaiian Music Genres


Hawaiian Music 101 -- The folks at Tropical Disc give a basic and brief overview of Hawaiian music genres, along with names of recommended artists.
An Introduction to the Music of Hawai'i -- At Hawaiian Music Island, this page lists categories of Hawaiian music and identifies corresponding musical artists, with links to their CDs on sale at the site.

Hawaiian Music Information Online

Nahenahe Net -- Hawaiian Music News and Opinion.

Susan's Hawaiian Music Reports. A bi-monthly report, posted between 1996-2000, by Susan Jaworowski, containing news Hawaiian entertainers, CD releases, and a calendar of concerts by Hawaiian (i.e., Hawai'i-based) artists worldwide.

Hawaiian Music Hall of Fame.


Some CD Dealers

Hawaiian Music Island

This is one of the most comprehensive sites on Hawaiian music. Contains an extensive CD catalog, and many related links to Hawaiian music categories, artists, a directory of hula troupes, and sites of general interest to locals and visitors.
Tropical Disc

Another comprehensive Hawaiian music source, much like Hawaiian Music Island


An online dealer, based in Hilo, this site offers a comprehensive catalog of both more traditional and contemporary Hawaiian musical artists and their albums.


Some Hawaiian Music Producers
Hawaiian Recordings
The site of Hawaii Calls, Inc. and Hula Records. This site offers music "you can use . . . to help remember delightful and romantic moments, keeping them alive until your next trip to Hawaii Nei."
Dancing Cat Records The homepage of a Hawaiian slack-key guitar record company; it offers slack-key guitar information links, concert schedules, and artist and album information.
Hawaii -- Music Albums LPs & CDs from Songsearch This page lists imported Hawaiian music albums that you can order online, however, only the title of each album is given with no description.
Cord International / HanaOla Records This record company specializes in reissuing vintage Hawaiian music recorded in the 1950s and 1960s. One can also sample some songs through RealAudio.
Paradise Music The online component of a music store chain in Hawaii; it offers books and videos as well as authentic and contemporary Hawaiian sound recordings.
Monkeypod Records of Molokai ". . .is a full service music production facility and an independent record label dedicated to bringing the music of Molokai to the world."dedicated to bringing the music of Molokai to the world"
Mountain Apple Records A major record label of contemporary Hawaiian music artists.

Radio Stations
Hawaii Radio and Television Guide, presented by Melvin Ah Ching Productions. - this page contains links to radio and television stations in Hawai'i
"Hawaiian Music Online" and "Hawaiian Music on the Radio" - A Hawaiian Music Island page that is full of links to Hawaiian music radio stations
Mele Mikini -- The Hawaiian Music Machine Some overlap with Hawaiian Music Island's list, but contains a few radio stations that are not listed on that site as well


The Royal Hawaiian Band

"Founded in 1836 by order of King Kamehameha III the Royal Hawaiian Band is one of
the last living links to Hawai`i's monarchy. . . . Today, the Royal Hawaiian Band is an agency of the City and County of Honolulu and is the only full-time municipal band in the United
States." The site is maintained by the Friends of the Royal Hawaiian Band, the band's nonprofit arm.



The Hula Pages Includes an extensive list of hula related links.

Hula, Hawaii's Art and Soul This site offers a history of the hula, from its beginnings, to its revival, to its present-day popularity. It also has a sublink that features "Sounds of the Hula" complete with audio links (although mine would not play), texts of hula poems, descriptions of
a few of the most common instruments used to accompany hula dancing--the 'uli'uli, and the ipu heke, and pictures of performers.

Huapala: Hawaiian Music and Hula Archives: this site comprises not only a huge list on song titles, but also enables one to view song texts online. Caveat: not all works listed are related to hula.

Ke Anuenue Punahele: this site is based on the inside knowledge of teachers and performers and provides lists of the benefits of hula to children and adults.

Directories of Hula Schools

Hula Halau Worldwide: this is the ultimate hula site.

Polynesian Dance Groups Around the World: this site is an international
directory of Kumu Hula, Hula Instructors, and Hula production companies.
It also has links to sites about Hula festivals and conferences.
Northern California Hula Halau and Pacific Island Dance Troupes by name, location,
and director. The site is maintained by the Pacific Islands Cultural Association (PICA).

Events and Event Calendars

Concerts Featuring the Musicians of Hawai'i: this site lists dates, the states in which events occur (ranging from Hawaii, to California, to Alaska), in what venue groups are performing, in most cases who is performing, what time performances commence, and ticket prices.
36th Annual Merrie Monarch Festival: this site has the most recent information on Hawaii's oldest and most famous of hula competitions including competition results, participating schools, lots of photos, and media coverage.

Polynesian Cultural Center. This site provides information about Hawaii's most visited attraction where hula dancing, among many other enres, may be viewed. In the shows at the center, which are designed to appeal to tourists, an attempt is made to portray numerous Polynesian cultures.

Other resources: The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians and
Encyclopeia Brittanica, both online.

Compiled by Rebecca Schwartz-Bishir

Slack Key Guitar Ukulele

Sites dealing with slack key guitar and ukulele playing are not hard to find. Following all the links below will take you a long way. If you don't find a lot under the specific instrument category, try the artists' homepages because many of them also have links pages.

General Ukulele & Steel Guitar Sites
The "Hawaiian Music Island" provides a resource for anyone wanting to build a Hawaiian music collection, and has a general overview for lots of Hawaiian music.

Slack Key Guitar Online
The "Slack Key Network." You will find some general information, links to specific artists and performance schedules, as well as a slack key links page.

Dancing Cat Records' (the major slack key recording label) homepage includes general information, artist bios, sound clips, purchase information, and concert schedules. Includes information on many major slack key artists, as well as links to their homepages.

Slack Key Guitar Tunings

Hawaiian Music -- slack key & ukulele If you're interested in buying Slack Key or Ukulele recordings, instructional videos or books, \you can order online from this offshoot of Island Gifts Direct.


UKULELE ONLINE "Ukulele Heaven" maintained by Brudda Bu. This site devoted to the "uke," contains lots of information about the Hawaiian tradition and history of the instrument as well as recommended recordings and links.

Ukulele World Another great collection of links. "Ukulele World" focuses mostly on selling instruments, but the links are "worldwide" and organized partly by country or region.

Flea Market Music, Inc. features a ukulele chat room and bulletin board ("Uke Yak"), as well as opportunities to buy ukuleles, recordings, and books. The site is by Jim Beloff, author of The Ukulele-A Visual History (San Francisco: Miller Freeman Books, 1997).

Ukuleles by Kawika This is the homepage of a company that builds and sells ukuleles. There is a short history of the instrument, descriptions, pictures, and sounds. Be sure to look at their guide to ukuleles especially if you are interested in technical/structural aspects or nomenclature.

http://www.virtualconcrete.com/ukulelechords/default.htm Lots about playing the ukulele as well as an extensive (and well organized links page). This page is also user friendly and has good presentation.

"Ukulele!" Story by journalist John Berger chronicling the renewed popularity of the 'ukulele among local Hawai'i youth, in the Honolulu Star Bulletin, April 30, 1996. Two related sidebar stories are "Respect for the instrument is a family tradition" and "KoAloha" about a scale model hybrid ukulele developed for Japanese tourists to Hawai'i.

Some Artists (many more can be found from Dancing Cat or Hawaiian Music Island)

Keola Beamer, a native islander, and "one of Hawai'i's premier singer/songwriters, arrangers, composers, and slack key guitarists." Very well organized, clearly presented, and includes links, booking information, sound clips, and CD purchase information. He even offers online lessons!

Bob Brozman Bob Brozman is a featured artist on the Dancing Cat label and plays slack key as well as ukulele.

Daniel Ho

Ledward Kaapana. Includes contact information, performance schedule, and sound clips.

George Kahumoku. Includes links, an extensive bio, performance schedule, etc.

Ken Emerson

John Keawe


Compiled by Jesse A. Johnston, 3/2001


Nation of Hawai'i.A comprehensive site on the movement for Native Hawaiian sovereignty, by one of the larger pro-sovereignty groups.

Links to Hawaiian Sovereignty and Culture Resources on the Web. A comprehensive collection of links on the Nation of Hawai'i site.

Hawaiian Independence Music Lyrics and chords for seven nationalist songs on the Nation of Hawai'i site. There is minimal background information about how they are performed. The lyrics for "Living in a Sovereign Land" are particualrly interesting. They are very modern and more straight forward then some of the other songs.
Ea -- Hawaiian Rights and Sovereignty. Contains a good list of links that offer a range of in-depth perspectives on sovereignty and self-determination in Hawaii.

Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA). State agency in Hawai'i authorized to manage revenues from ceded crown lands. Their links page includes sources of research and statistical information about Hawaiians.

The Political Status of Native Hawaiians is in Jeopardy. This site is produced by the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) to present background information and resources related to the U.S. Supreme Court's decision on Rice v. Cayetano.

All for Aloha. This site is produced by the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) for the presentation of accurate information in response to misinformation posted on the Internet. This site is named "All for Aloha" to encourage an understanding of Aloha by all in Hawaii.

The Annexation of Hawai'i, August 12, 1898. Factual information.on key historical event.

Sudden Rush A Hawaiian rap group with political messages. There are several soundbytes of their songs.
AlohaQuest. This web site provides a wealth of information on Hawaii's history. Aloha First, an organization encouraging the education on Hawaiian issues in the Spirit of Aloha, hosted a six-hour all-island 'live educast' broadcast from Iolani Palace on December 19, 1999, simultaneously over the Internet at www.AlohaQuest.Com and on KFVE-TV-Channel 5, from 4PM to 10PM HST. The site includes transcripts of key pre-recorded segments from the live six-hour educast, ) and "The Apology Presentation," a guided tour of the "Apology Resolution" (U.S. Public Law 103-150), which was signed into law by President Clinton in 1993, apologizing for the United States' involvement in the illegal overthrow of the independent Kingdom of Hawaii. Also included is an extensive Archives of primary source materials.

Hawaiian Nation: The Music -- A Call For Hawaiian Sovereignty. A CD of pro-sovereignty related songs, with a picture of the cover showing the British flag and the American flag upside down (a common picture seen on these websites) with a hand holding a shell in front of the flags. The cd titles include a Dear Mr. President, and Rise Up and Folllow me.
"The Struggle for Hawaiian Sovereignty," by Haunani-Kay Trask. An essay published in Cultural Survival that includes a discussion of hula as a tourist movement becoming a starting for gaining sovereignty

-- Erin Pons