Federated States of Micronesia


Map. This site provides a map and some general geographical, political, and economic information:
Introduction. Although it seems primarily geared for the tourist, this site has a lot of great information about the history, culture and language as well as a few links to other places. Everything is clearly presented and accompanied by photos and maps. Be sure to check out the section on the stone money of Yap and Nan Madol, referred to as both "the Venice of the Pacific" and "the Machu Pichu of the Pacific," on Pohnpei

How do I get there?
Good question. You'll have to fly, and probably be going through Honolulu or Guam. It seems that you also have to go through Pohnpei as that is where international flights to FSM arrive.

Destination Micronesia. This page is definitely geared toward the tourist but might help you get started. Also, try the first link I've listed.

Photo Gallery. Many beautiful pictures including some 360° panoramas.

Ethnic Art Institute of Micronesia, located on the island of Yap. Pictures and commentary on Micronesian art.
A Tour of Pohnpei. Contains beautiful images from the author's one-year stay as a student missionary teaching high school at the Pohnpei Seventh-Day Adventist School.

http://pats.edu/nanmadol.htm contains information and photos of Nan Madol.
http://www.stenbakken.com/pohnpei/ Photos. These focus more on the people rather than landscapes, but are still interesting. No commentary is included. The author was a missionary in Pohnpei.
http://www.angelfire.com/ca2/wringmyneck/photogallery1.html Pictures. However, be warned that this site is heavily missionary oriented and sponsored by a religious group.
Volcano World. Interested in geology or volcanoes? Here are pictures of recent eruptions on the island of Pagan, the site of an active Micronesian volcano!

Music and Dance

Federated States of Micronesia: Culture. This site contains a few mp3 files of Micronesian pop music! There is a short discussion of music and dance in FSM cultures, indicating that it has played a large role in the cultural history.

A Tour of Pohnpei. Contains "sound bites" of music and language clips.

http://www.ion.com.au/~banaban/ What is Banaban culture? This site introduces Banaban culture as well as music and dance! For music and dance specifically, go to:

Where can I buy FSM music or dance recordings or videos?
Try the Banaban page listed above. However, I have been unsuccessfully searching for commercial pages.


Generally, it seems that there is a lack of reliable (or even unreliable) information about music and dance in FSM. I will keep searching and update you of recent developments and finds. All the pages I have found stress, however, that both music and dance are integral parts of most FSM cultures.


Jesse Johnson