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"Is the U.S. Ready for Asian American Pop Stars?"

GoldSea: Asian American Supersite, Dec. 5, 2002


June 24, 2002


June 18, 2002
by Judy Tseng. The Next Generation, Newsletter of the Organization of Chinese Americans, Young Professionals, May 1999. Posted at Model Minority: A Guide to Asian American Empowerment.
Mango Pirates Rock band based out of L.A.
Kim a female Asian American rock band in Chicago
Jake E. Lee Jake E. Lee is half Japanese, half white. He played guitar for Ozzy Osbourne's band in the early 80's. He currently plays with the hard rock group "Badlands" touring mainly the California area.
Jenny Hyun  
A Grain of Sand  
Dream Theater progressive metal band; the bassist John Myung is Asian American.

 Kevin So

Boston-based singer/songwriter 

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