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Asian Improv Records 

Homepage of the largest record label for Asian jazz
        Tatsu Aoki


Official Website

Features information on touring, recording, and up-to-date happenings.
Tatsu Aoki: A Chicago Living Industry Interview with Aoki from Jazz Review
Bibliographic and Discography Information Courtesy of Asian Improv
More Discography Courtesy of Southport Records

Artist Profile

Profile on Center stage Chicago

The Miyumi Project

Record review courtesy of All About Jazz

Asian American Orchestra


Courtesy of Asian Improv


Courtesy of the Univ. of California Irvine -- Distinguished Fellows



Features sound clips, history, and much more on this legendary ensemble.
Crusin' J Town - Documentary Film An in-depth look at the 1970 release featuring Hiroshima.
Hiroshima Mon Amour Article courtesy of Model Minority

       Asian Future


Artist Homepage

World Music-fusion band formed in California featuring many Asian performers.


        Fred Ho


Big Red Media, Inc. Fred Ho's international multimedia production company.
Article on Fred Ho Courtesy of Speak Out! Institute for Democratic Education and Culture
Brooklyn Sax Quartet Group co-founded by David Bindman and Fred Ho
"Fred Ho: New Music Performer and Composer" Article on Ho's emergence into the music scene.
"Fred Ho: We Refuse to be Used and Abused"

"Fred Ho's Activism"

by Peter Madsen. Interview on All About Jazz, March 2002

Article in National, a Minneapolis based media outlet, Spring 2001.

"An Interview with Revolutionary Chinese-American Composer and Saxophonist: Fred Ho" . from Sounds Celebrating Resistance, Issue 3, 1997

"Fred Ho Interview"

by Christopher Mitchell, Minneapolis-Field Digest, Vol. 11 # 128, Monday 16 April 2001.
Fred Ho Collection on Asian American Politics and Culture Courtesy of the University of Connecticut
“Rebel Sax:  Fred Ho.” Video clips and music files at
Rebel Yellow by Terry Hong, A Magazine, March/April 1998. Posted on Model Minority: A Guide to Asian American Empowerment
Voice of the Dragon: A Martial Arts Epic Includes sound files as well as a brief description of the show.
A Hybrid ‘Dragon’ Breathes Fire by Marcus Crowder, Sacramento Bee, Feb. 9 2001
Once Upon a Time in Chinese America CD at Innova Records
CD review Once Upon a Time in Chinese America, at Sonoloco Record Reviews
Turn Pain into Power CD with commentary by Cathy Austin, KZSU Stanford, 1991

      Glenn Horiuchi


Artist Profile Courtesy of Asian Improv
"Atonal Energy Music" Article by Brian Phillips, May 2001 for Furious
"Glenn Horiuchi Tribute" by Ismael Wadada Leo Smith, 2001. Includes tribute, bio, discography, photo album, and video of Glenn’s piano solo on Wadada Leo Smith’s “N’Da Kulture,” 1995
"Take the Next Step: Requiem for Glenn Horiuchi" by Minoru Kanda. Asian American Movement Ezine, August 9, 2001; in 3 parts.
"Remembering Glenn" by Loren Kajikawa and Oliver Wang. LA Weekly June 16-22, 2000.
"Lilian Nakano and Glenn Horiuchi, Japanese Shamisen Player and Jazz Musician" Article with sound clips.On “Sound Traditions: Profiles of World Musicians in Southern California” created by Public Corporation for the Arts, Long Beach, California, on Alliance for California Traditional Arts website.
Kenzo’s Vision Recording: commentary by Cathy Austin, KZSU Stanford, 1996
Hilltop View CD sound samples
Next Step extract from CD liner notes by Jon Jang
Dew Drop review from TUBA Journal, vol. 27, no. 3, June 2000

      Vijay Iyer


Vijay Iyer, at Red Giant Records Lots of goodies at this site: Includes press release on new CD Panoptic Modes, as well as links to liner notes, press writeups, Vijay’s writings on cognitive science (including his entire doctoral dissertation), and links to mp3 files.
"Sound Bombing: Vijay Iyer and the Politics of Jazz" by Oliver Wang. Hardboiled 1.4, May 1998


"Art and the Brain" Radio Interview on Studio 360, WNYC, New York. Nov. 23, 2002.

       Jon Jang


"Jazz’s Changing of the (Avant) Garde" by Bill Shoemaker, The American Prospect, Feb. 28, 2000. Posted on Model Minority: A Guide to Asian American Empowerment.

       Francis Wong


Alliance of Emerging Creative Artists Founded by Wong, this site includes many pieces of information on Wong's illuminating career.
Artist Profile Courtesy of Bay Area Improvisors.
Guide to Francis Wong All Music Guide - CDs, reviews, and more.



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