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Native Hawaiian

Hawaiian Music Guide
. Comprehensive index of Ha waiian Music links on the web, and additional resources unique to this site.
Online vendor; extensive set of links to musicians webpages, and an international directory of hula troupes.

“Hawaiian Music”

at Hanalei Music & Video. General introduction; online vendor.
NahenaheNet Keola Donaghy’s Hawaiian Music Weblog.
by E. Kalani Flores. Includes a sound file of “Kawika” chant.
Virtual Festival, Smithsonian Institution. Includes sound files and videos.
press release for 2001 festival.
Vinyl (mostly).  Thumbnail images of Hawaiian, Tahitian, and Pacific Islander LPs:
The Aloha Radio Network Featuring exclusive Hawaiian music
Hawaiian Music at Eye of Hawaii. General remarks.
Hawaiian Music – A Brief History On website for Surfing for Life, a documentary film by David L. Brown and Roy Earnest.
Hawaiian Independence Music  
Links to Hawaiian Sovereignty and Culture Resources on the Web  
Mountain Apple Company  

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