Description of the Christmas Creche Exhibit

Picture in Creche Exhibit

The Creche Exhibit is held throughout the church building. Nativity prints by the masters and other artists are hung along the walls of the long circular hallway, as are nativity wreaths, handmade nativity articles, and nativity posters. In the smaller classrooms that are off the halls, our larger, more elaborate, and most breakable creches are displayed, one to a room, in a manner that allows them to be viewed only from the hallway. In several larger classrooms that can be entered from the hallway, are rooms with nativities from Latin America, Americana, Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and light mill nativities. There is also a room where children can touch and play with unbreakable nativities, puzzles and nativity books.

The large main hall, where the majority of the nativities are exhibited, is in the center of the building, adjoining the chapel. In its center is a tall decorated Christmas tree. Along one end of the hall is a large, wooden, free-standing, three-dimensional painted scene of Jerusalem (see photo above), which sets the tone for the whole exhibit. Creches are displayed on long, rectangular tables that stand up against each outside wall, and also in the central areas of the room, where the tables are usually round or oval, to accomodate wheel chairs. In some cases, nativities from a certain part of the world, or of a certain type, are grouped together (Native American, contemporary, German, Swiss, English, Isles of the Sea, whimsical and so forth).