A    L    I            K    A    K    H    B    O    D

Book Chapters

  • Power Allocation, Spectrum Sharing, and Revenue Maximization in Wireless Networks: An Implementation Theory Approach, [Abstract]
    A. Kakhbod, A. Nayyar, S. Sharma and D. Teneketzis,
    in Mechanisms and Games for Dynamic Spectrum Allocation, Editors: Tansu Alpcan, Holger Boche, Michael Honig, H. Vincent Poor, Cambridge University Press, 2012 (tentatively).

  • On the Routing Capacity Regions of Networks, [Abstract]
    A. Kakhbod and S. M. T. Yazdi
    in Introduction to Routing Issues, Editor: A. Rezazadeh, iConcept Press, ISBN: 978-14610987-1-3, first quarter 2012 (tentatively).


A Constructive Proof to the Aizerman's Theorem with Extensions,
A. Kakhbod, Y. Masatlioglu and D. Nakajima, 2010.

Finding an Integral vector in an Unknown Polyhedral Cone
A. Kakhbod and M. Zadimoghaddam


Demos Teneketzis (University of Michigan), Serap Savari (Texas A & M University), Yusufcan Masatlioglu (University of Michigan), Daisuke Nakajima (University of Michigan), Morteza Esmaeili (IUT), Soheil Mohajer (Princeton University), Ashotush Nayyar (UIUC), Payam Pakzad (UC Berkeley), Sadegh T. Yazdi (UCLA), Morteza Zadimoghaddam (MIT), Joseph Koo (Stanford University)