Since obtaining my Master of Social Work degree in December 2007, I've been steadily increasing my skills and knowledge in the hopes I can pursue a career that matches my degree. I've found it to be slightly more difficult than I had anticipated, as many are unclear what a macro-focused Master of Social Worker does.

To clarify, somewhat, a MSW with a macro focus does work more akin to what someone with a Masters in Business Administration does. We both focus on how an entity functions as a whole, looking at all of the parts that comprise it, and picking apart those areas to make them better. My main focus was on program evaluation, as well as community organization. Being that I actually enjoy doing research, performing literature reviews, and combing over data to make sure it is complete and correct, I know I'll be able to find an arena I can turn into a career.

Until I find that career, I'm applying as much as I can of what I know to the job I currently have, Health Educator / Program Coordinator at the University of Michigan Health System's Employee Assistance Program. I know this information will be helpful on my next career path, so am enjoying it while I can.