Innovation Management
Strategies, Implementation, and Profits

By Allan Afuah
Oxford University Press, 1998

Table of Contents:


I. Fundamentals

-Models of Innovation
-The Underpinnings of Profits: Competences, Endownments, and Knowledge
-Sources and Transfer of Innovation

II. Strategizing

-Recognizing th Potential of an Innovation
-Reducing Uncertainty: The Role of Technological Trends, Market Regularities, and Innovation Strategy
-Choosing a Profit Site: Dynamic Competitive Analysis
-Strategic Choice of Environmental Determinism
-Identifying Potential Co-opetitors

III. Implementation and Protection Profits

-Financing Entrepreneurial Activity
-Implementation of the Decision to Adopt
-Protecting Entrepreneurial Rents

IV. Globalization

-Globalization for Innovation
-Innovating for Emerging Economies
-Role of National Governments in Innovation
-Strategic Innovation Process


-Appendix 1. Dominant Designs and Standards
-Appendix 2. Some Organizational Structures
-Appendix 3. Organizational Boundaries
-Case Study. Netscape Communication Corporation


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