Innovation Management

Strategies, Implementation, and Profits

By Allan Afuah

Oxford University Press, 1998

A framework to encompass the basic questions of the
"who, what, when, and where" of innovation...
with a combination of the latest theoretical discussions with abundant examples.

Innovation Management is the first text to provide full course coverage of innovation management as its core theme. Drawing from his professional and academic experience, Allan Afuah shows the relationship between innovation, a management function, and profitability, a financial function. Because of its integrative presentation, the text takes a unique multi-functional approach, covering the important contributions of economics, organization theory, marketing, and finance to innovation management theory, as well as detailed coverage of practical concerns such as the role of government regulation, choosing a profit site, and the transfer of innovation. Because of the crucial importance of innovation, Innovation Management provides guidance for executives and managers looking to understand the value of innovation.

Table of Contents

Critiques of the book

Cases in Innovation for use with Innovation Management

Allan Afuah

Course Outline

Allan Afuah holds a Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and teaches Innovation and Strategy and the University of Michigan Business School. Afuah has also worked as an engineer and manager in the U.S.'s Silicon Valley and Route 128.

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