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Welcome to the CleanTech Research and Entrepreneurship group at the University of Michigan!

Sustainability is becoming a differentiator for corporations and global economies, venture investment in CleanTech companies is going strong (link), and CleanTech private equity firms are emerging.  Witness the innovations in greening supply chains, and the design of sustainable products and services in the US and in emerging markets. 

The importance of technological innovation to economic competitiveness, and the role of entrepreneurship in this process is impacting academic research and curricula.  As echoed by the NAE, the complexity of energy and water infrastructure challenges facing urban development and population growth requires an engineering education that addresses professional skills such as demand-driven research and entrepreneurship for a global marketplace. 

Leveraging breadth and depth in a wide range of clean technologies, our students and collaborators explore how CleanTech business models and the adoption of sustainable industrial practices are influenced by benefit-cost metrics and financing source to capture value in the green economy (Research and Teaching).

Global Focus

China’s entrepreneurial economy coupled to its ‘Circular Economy’ stimulus funding and  Singapore in its emerging position  as Asia’s sustainability hub. Partners: LimnoTech, International Water Technologies, Suzhou Institute of Sichuan University, China-Singapore Suzhou Industry Park, Dalian University of Technology, World Resources Institute (WRI).
In the News

Faley published in Corp! on “Exit Strategies in the CleanTech Space”, drawing parallels to BioTech in 1990s (link).

Adriaens to give keynote lecture on “Bridging the Divide: Entrepreneurship and Societal Value Creation from Biotechnology” at European Commission-sponsored IBS Conference in Rimini, Italy.

Former postdoc Vanella and Adriaens issued US Patent 7,709,619 B2 (“DNAzymes and Sensors Incorporating the Same”) on May 4th, 2010.

AEESP Newsletter (AEESP Newsletter May 2010.pdf)

LimnoTech partners with International Water Technologies (China) to address Lake Tai (Jiangsu prov.) water and sediment quality issues using NanoCap technology.

Adriaens featured in CleanTech entrepreneurship article in the New York Times on “In Detroit, is there life after the Big Three” (link)

Niu Hao (Dalian Univ. Technol.) and former student Dr. Corrie Clark publish in Environ. Sci. Technol. on “Scaling of Economic Benefits from Green Roof Implementation in Washington DC” (es902456x.pdf)

Older News

As President of the Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors (AEESP), I am working with my Board of Directors on a strategic initiative aimed at integrating economic incentives in in the environmental science and engineering research agenda and entrepreneurial value creation (see President’s Strategic Initiative draft.doc). 

Investing in Sustainability
“The integration of Cleantech solutions in corporate operations and supply chains reduces exposure to climate and water-based risks, increases market valuations, and creates additional income streams in new markets.”.


Faley and Adriaens launch CleanTech Acquisition Partners (, a buyer-side acquisition firm for early startups in the cleantech space.

Investment,CleanTech. Published in: Encyclopedia of Sustainability, V2: The Business of Sustainability (Birkshire Publishing) (Investment, CleanTech (Adriaens).pdf)
Lecture to MBA class (Suzhou Institute of Sichuan University (Business of Sustainability Suzhou.pdf),%20CleanTech%20%28Adriaens%29.pdfWelcome_files/Business%20of%20Sustainability%20Suzhou.pdfWelcome_files/Business%20of%20Sustainability%20Suzhou.pdfshapeimage_4_link_0shapeimage_4_link_1shapeimage_4_link_2shapeimage_4_link_3shapeimage_4_link_4
We look forward to engaging you in our future activities!

Peter Adriaens, Ph.D. P.E. BCEEM

Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, UM

Professor, Natural Resources and Environment (courtesy), UM

Professor of Entrepreneurship, Ross School of Business, UM

Distinguished Professor, Sichuan University, Suzhou, China

Director, Asia Operations, LimnoTech (link), Ann Arbor, MI

Director, CleanTech Acquisition Partners (link), Ann Arbor MI

“Addressing Challenges of an Innovation-Driven Global CleanTech Marketplace”