Since 1992, my research has maintained a core of expertise in biological process understanding and bioremediation technology validation in the field. Application domains include (i) surface water sediments, characterized by large volumes and generally low concentrations from diffuse sources, and (ii) groundwater, characterized by source areas and diluted ‘plumes’ of contamination resulting from fate and transport processes.  Since the late 1990’s, my group has become increasingly engaged in the development and application of models to address scaling and contaminant fingerprinting (environmental forensics), as well as the development of enabling technology for environmental sensing needs.

In the early 2000’s, in an increasingly collaborative environment and the national focus on societal valuation of research, policy and economic elements became part of the research paradigm.  Two major projects resulted from this change: (i) green building design, and (ii) exposure assessment from environmental contamination.  Both projects leveraged the modeling, sensing and contaminant fate expertise built up in the group over the years.

Since 2006, considering the commitment of the venture community in CleanTech, my research and education programs became firmly seated in entrepreneurship and value creation from technology.  This was in part enabled through a joint appointment in the Business School’s Zell Lurie Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies, and a collaboration with the Aqueduct Program (link) at the World Resources Institute.  Projects that are emerging involve application of financial and strategic tools for technology investment decisions, as well as reverse innovation to extrapolate business models for environmental technology scaling from developing countries.

Business Water Risk Analysis
Dynamic Value Chain Assessment for Sustainability in Paper Industry
CleanTech Cluster Network and Portfolio Optimization
Reverse Innovation for Climate Change: Technologies & Business Models
University of Michigan Dioxin Exposure Study (link)
Site Remediation Studies (link; this takes you to an older website - you will need to navigate back to Global CleanTech)