Environmental Data Analysis

Litigation Support

I have worked with a large number of firms to support site investigation  matters related to contaminant treatment feasibility, site assessment, environmental forensics, and the like.  Clients have included GeoSyntec, LimnoTech, HydroQual, HDR and EMS.

I engage in corporate activities related to environmental risk management issues such as resource resource consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and environmental exposure.  Clients include Holcim, Dow, Asia Pulp & Paper.  This work is leveraged in the World Resources Institute’s Aqueduct Program, focused on business water risk (link).

CleanTech Patent Claim Validation/Infringement:  We have engaged with a number of law firms (e.g. King & Spalding LLP, link) in support of patent litigation for cleantech inventions.  The objective was to provide expert analysis of patent enablement and claim validation through reports, experimental work, and in-court testimony.

Superfund Litigation:  Drawing on 20 year of flask-to-field research on Superfund and other complex contaminated sites, I engage in litigation support (e.g. Latham & Watkins LLP, link; Sive, Paget & Riesel PC, link) on matters of source-sink analysis, environmental forensics, and exposure assessment.


The confluence of global government support for developing a green economy, corporations treating sustainability as a new innovation frontier in their operations and supply chains, and investments in Cleantech startup companies rebounding in the US, Europe and China, has created a need for expert advise in the above areas.  These consulting activities complement my research, teaching, and mentoring interests in CleanTech entrepreneurship. 

Patent infringement and environmental litigation
Environmental data analysis 
Entrepreneurial Business Positioning and Investability Analysis
Strategy Consulting


Building KeyStone Companies: Business Positioning and Investability Analysis

Leveraging collaborations with dozens of startup companies in my courses, and interaction with hundreds more via the Global CleanTech Cluster Association (GCCA; link) and OnGreen (link), my colleague Tim Faley (Managing Director, Zell Lurie Institute) and I have codified best practices in the KeyStone Compact (trademarked).  This is a data-driven method that positions companies for value capture and is used for valuation and investability analysis (see CleanTech Acceleration Partners; CTAP).  For briefs on the KeyStone Compact Brief.pdf and KeyStone Score Brief.pdf, please see links.

Strategy Consulting

My business interests in the area of CleanTech are not limited to entrepreneurial startup companies, but include corporate open innovation.  For example, I was engaged in GE’s Ecomagination program (link), focused around integration of their energy and water business. 

My business water risk strategy work engages the value chain of the financial services industry, including banks (e.g. Credit Suisse, JPMorgan), analysts (e.g. Bloomberg NEF, MSCI), accountants (e.g. PWC, Deloitte), and NGOs (e.g. World Resources Institute, Water Disclosure Project).