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Below are links and resources that might be useful to economists and economists-to-be

Data (that's been relevant to my work)
IPUMS - Integrated Public Use Microdata
CPS - Current Population Survey
IPEDS - Integrated Postsecondary Educational Data System
NCES - the National Center of Educational Statistics (home of NLS, NELS, ELS,  B&B, etc)
ANES - American National Election Studies

Econ-y blogs that I read on a daily basis (and I disclaim endorsement of the views of any)
Cheap Talk
Chris Blattman
Conversable Economist
Environmental Economics
Marginal Revolution
Observational Epidemiology
Sociological Imagination
Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science

Education blogs that I read relatively frequently  (Non-endoresment clause still in effect)
Inside School Research (EdWeek)
This Week in Education

Advice for the career of an economist  (I am very open to finding more of these, if you'd like to send me suggestions.)
My advice on doing your first academic economic research, as an undergraduate
Jeff Smith's advice on whether to go to grad school in econ
Susan Athey's advice on how to apply to grad school in econ
Darren Lubotsky's advice on how to be a successful grad student in econ
Don Davis' advice on writing your first paper (i.e., thesis chapter)
Harvard's advice for how to get a job as an econ grad student