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1998      Ph.D.  English Language and Literature. The University of Michigan.
1995      M.A.   English Language and Literature. The University of Michigan.
1991      B.A.   Linguistics. Yale University. summa cum laude, honors in Linguistics.

Academic Positions      

2004 – present   Associate Professor, Department of English, University of Michigan.
2004 – present   Associate Professor, School of Education, University of Michigan.
2009 – present   Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics, University of Michigan.
2002 – 2004     Assistant Professor, Department of English, University of Michigan.
2003 – 2004     Assistant Professor, School of Education, University of Michigan.
1998 – 2002     Assistant Professor, Department of English, University of Washington.
2001– 2002      Adjunct Professor, Department of Linguistics, University of Washington.     
1994 – 1997     Graduate Student Instructor, Department of English, University of Michigan.
1991 – 1993     English teacher, Huazhong Normal University, Wuhan, P.R.C.

Awards and Grants      

2009                 Faculty Achievement Award, University of Michigan
2007                 Arthur F. Thurnau Professorship, University of Michigan.
2007                 Henry Russel Award, University of Michigan.
2005 – 2006     Interdisciplinary Faculty Associates Grant, University of Michigan.   
2005 – 2006     Whitaker Fund Grant for the Improvement of Teaching, University of Michigan.
2003 – 2004     Senior Fellow, Sweetland Writing Center, University of Michigan.     
2001                 Royalty Research Scholar, University of Washington.
2001                 Nominee, University Distinguished Teaching Award, University of Washington.
2000, 2001       Special Recognition for Excellence in Teaching, English Department, University of Washington.
2000                 Royalty Research Fund Grant, University of Washington.
1999                 Simpson Center for the Humanities Research Travel Grant.   
1999                 Distinguished Dissertation Award Nominee, University of Michigan.
1998                 Moscow Prize for Excellence in Teaching Composition, University of Michigan.
1997 – 1998     Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship, University of Michigan.
1996 – 1998     American Dialect Society Presidential Honorary Membership.
1993 – 1998     Regents Fellowship, University of Michigan.
1991                 Robert E. Lewis Memorial Award and Robert Perkins Award, Yale University.
1990                 Phi Beta Kappa, Yale University.



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First Day to Final Grade: A Graduate Student’s Guide to Teaching. 2nd ed. 2006. With Lisa Damour. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press. (1st ed., 2000)

Gender Shifts in the History of English. 2003. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.


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Third-Person Pronouns in The Peterborough Chronicle. 1996. Neuphilologische Mitteilungen 97.3: 301–314.

Contributions to Books

Periodization in the History of the English Language. Forthcoming. In Historical Linguistics of English. Eds. A. Bergs and L. Brinton. Mouton de Gruyter.

Defining Practices in Early Modern English Medical Texts. Forthcoming. With Rod McConchie. In Early Modern English Medical Writing. Eds. I. Taavitsainen & P. Païvi. Cambridge: Cambridge UP.

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Edited Volumes

Contours of English: Perspectives on English Language Studies in Honor of Richard W. Bailey. Forthcoming, 2011. With Michael Adams. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press.

Studies in the History of the English Language II: Unfolding Conversations. 2004. With Kimberly Emmons. Berlin; New York: Mouton de Gruyter.

Journal Issues

African American English. Special Issue of the Journal of English Linguistics 32.3 (September 2004) with Alicia Beckford Wassink.

Teaching American English. Special Issue of the Journal of English Linguistics 30.4 (December 2002) with Michael Adams.

Historical Corpora. Special Issue of the Journal of English Linguistics 28.1 (March 2000) with Charles Meyer.


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Indian By Birth: The Lumbee Dialect (videorecording), The Ocracoke Brogue: A Portrait of Hoi Toider Speech (videorecording), Ocracoke Speaks: The Distinct Sounds of the “Hoi Toide” (compact disc or cassette; full transcription). 2002. American Speech 77.2: 216-221.

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Aspects of Semantic Opposition in English. 1995. Book Notice. Language 71.3: 650–652.


Perspectives on the Academic Job Search. With Robin Queen. (In the Profession column.) Journal of English Linguistics 35(4): 374-377.

Academic Publication. With Robin Queen. (In the Profession column.) Journal of English Linguistics 34(4): 367-372.

In the Profession. With Robin Queen. Journal of English Linguistics 34(2): 166-168.

Work in Progress      

A History of the English Language. With Michael Adams. Under contract with Pearson/Longman.

Fixing English. Currently being researched and drafted.

Administrative and Committee Service      

Service to the University of Michigan

2010 – 2013       Member, Academic Affairs Advisory Committee
2009 – 2011       Member, Center for Research on Learning and Teaching Board
2008 – 2011       Member, Executive Committee, English Language Institute
2008 – 2009       Member, Selection Committee for Rackham Outstanding GSI Award
2008 – 2009       Member, Selection Committee for Arthur F. Thurnau Professorship
2006 – 2007       Member, University Bargaining Team for UM-LEO contract
2004 – 2007       Member, LSA Academic Judiciary Committee.
Fall 2004            Member, LSA Waitlist Project Committee.      
Winter 2003       Member, Planning Committee for the 2003 Provost's Seminar on Teaching.

Service to the English Department, University of Michigan

2008 – 2011       Director, English Department Writing Program
2008 – 2009       Member, Executive Committee           
2008 – 2009       Member, Hiring Committee
2004 – 2007       Director, Undergraduate Studies.
2004 – 2007       Director, First and Second Year Studies.
2003 – 2007       Member, Executive Committee.
2004 – 2007       Chair, First and Second Year Studies Committee.
2004 – 2007       Chair, Lecturer Major Review Committee.
2003 – 2004       Member, Jobseekers Committee, 2003-2004. 
2003                   Chair, English Department Textbook Committee.       
2002 – 2004       Member, First and Second Year Studies Committee.
2002 – 2007       Member, English and Education Committee.
2002 – 2007       Co-Coordinator, First-Year Composition Workshop.

Teaching Experience

Courses at University of Michigan

English 301        Language and Gender 
English 303        Language and Gender (cross-listed with Linguistics 394)
English 305        Introduction to Modern English
English 308        History of the English Language
English 406        Modern English Grammar
English 505        History of the English Language (graduate seminar)
English 630        Standard English and the Politics of Language Authority (graduate seminar)
English 677        Language and Gender (graduate seminar)
English 695        The Practice of Pedagogy

Courses at University of Washington

English 370        Introduction to English Language Study
English 473        History of the English Language
English 490        French Influence in the History of English (Paris Summer Program)
English 497/8     The Politics of Standard English (senior seminar)
English 512        Introductory Reading in Old English (graduate seminar)
English 560        The Nature of Language (graduate seminar)
English 569        Language and Gender (graduate seminar)

Professional Activities      

Editing and Consulting

2003 – present  Co-Editor, Journal of English Linguistics.
2008 – present  Editor, Language Now (book series by Oxford University Press).
2005 – present  Member, Editorial Advisory Committee for American Speech.
2006 – present  Member, American Heritage Dictionary Usage Panel.
2008 – present  Board Member, Center for Research on Girls.
Fall 2005            Review Panelist, National Endowment for the Humanities.
1999 – 2002       Associate Editor, Journal of English Linguistics.
1997 – 1998       Editor, Millennium Project, University of Michigan.   
1996                   Research assistant, Middle English Compendium project, University of Michigan.


American Council of Learned Societies (delegate for American Dialect Society 2005 – 2007)
American Dialect Society
     Member, Executive Committee (elected January 2010)
     Chair, Committee on Teaching
Dictionary Society of North America
International Computer Archives of Modern and Medieval English
     Member, ICAME Executive Board
International Society for the Linguistics of English
     Member, Nominating Committee (2006-2011)
Linguistic Society of America
Modern Language Association
     Member, Executive Committee, MLA Language Change Division (2004-2009)
     Member, Executive Board, MLA Lexicography Discussion Group (2000 – 2005)
National Council of Teachers of English
Society for Germanic Philology

Manuscript Reviewer

American Speech
Cambridge University Press
English Language and Linguistics
Journal of Germanic Linguistics
Oxford University Press
University of Virginia Press

Grant Proposal Reviewer

National Endowment for the Humanities
National Science Foundation

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