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How small a minority?        Posted by:  E. R.
6/20/99    05:53 AM

How small minority RPGing women are in different countries?  Here in tradition RPGs about 1/4 or 1/3 of the gamers are women, I think, but about half if not more of Finnish LARPers are female.

Untitled        Posted by:  L. T. in response to How small a minority?
6/20/99    01:38 PM

Ah but what are we considering gamers? I notice a much higher number of women LARPers than I do traditional table top gamers. Being a table topper (and not a LARPer) I wonder what the percentage difference is between the two in the USA.

--L. T.

Untitled        Posted by:  G. R. in response to How small a minority?
6/22/99    10:14 AM

Well, here in Argentina the number of female RPG players is increasing all time. When I started, 5 years ago, the usual comment was "Wow! You're the first woman master I know". In the group I'm playing now, we're 9 people, and 4 of us are women. Don't know if that proportion is a constant in other groups, but many girls have their "first contact" with RPG because they boyfriends play, and never leave it (even if they broke wiht the boyfriend).
Greetings from the south of the world!

G. R.
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Percentages        Posted by:  R. H. in response to Untitled by G. R.
6/23/99    05:59 PM

Well, I can't speak for everywhere, and I am just guessing. I know of the 3 cons I attend in Colorado on a regular basis, the LARPs seem to about 40-50% women and the table top seems to be about 20-25% women. I have noticed a bit of an upswing in the table top games for women. For myself, I don't mind there being more men. At least here they are all easy going about gender and it is always fun to have a table full of guys to flirt with. :)

Table Top Gamer,

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