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HELP:  un-imaginative player...        Posted by: D. B.
3/22/99  06:47 PM

ugh. a friend has been running a (WOD) Changeling campaign for about 7 sessions now, and it's been a _great_ game so far. he has a really small group (there's 4 of us), but most roles seem to be filled well. only problem: the troll. the guy who's been playing a troll isn't terribly imaginitive -- changeling's really not his game -- and doesn't like slow-moving plots (if there isn't at least one _heavy_ action scene per session, he feels like we 'haven't accomplished anything'). he generally plays his character well, but he -- personally -- get extremely frustrated when the rest of us are doing heavy characterization ... eg i'm playing a pooka, and when we're around another band of pooka, i tend to _really_ let loose ... the troll -- in character -- broke a table because he couldn't get myself & another pooka to respond to his interrogation about things overheard... which wouldn't have been much, except that he -- the player -- doesn't understand that we ARE in character ... that the game is FULL of parlay & intrigue & jokes...

any suggestions how a lowly pooka could get the too-serious boy to loosen up?

Untitled        Posted by:  L. T. in response to HELP:  un-imaginative player
3/22/99   06:53 PM

Ouch, sounds like a bad situation. I think that you might be better off making sure that there is something to do for him in each session. You could try having your character tease his (gently since he should like the "takes it to seriously" type) and see if you could get him to realize that teasing, and fun are in character for a pooka. also have you though about finding him some good books to read? Perhaps if he sees the flavor of the game in some of the fiction books he will realize what you are aiming for with your character.
L. T.
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Untitled        Posted by:  C. C. in response to HELP:  un-imaginative player
3/23/99    05:42 PM

You could try a seldom heard-of trick that's growing in popularity, a little something that I like to call "STRIP Dungeons & Dragons"... it's not so fun though if your group isn't split 50/50 by genders, however.

;) *GRIN* Just kidding... sorry I can't offer more advice than that

Another 10!    Posted by:  N. M. in response to Untitled by C. C.
5/4/99    7:37 PM

well that all depends if you hold the loaded dice or nore. After all she and I are pookas :)

Pooka!        Posted by:  N. M. in response to HELP: un-imaginative player
5/4/99    7:36 PM

well being a Pooka myself and also a ST who deals with a similar player. I think it is best to stress to all present that you are in character. Wear a hat, tease him and be patient.

Some people don't see the strands and the upsides right off the bat. So people like to fight their way out of a problem. and maybe after you been bruised a few times He ligthing up:) and it gives you an excuse to Pratice and improve your Arts, as well as your Stamina

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